For the International Game Days, three new products from the publishing house Deep Print Games, which was newly founded in 2020, will be exclusively distributed by Pegasus Games.

The range is large, both thematically and mechanically: from the family-friendly puzzle game Caldera Park to a tough economy game for those who play a lot, Skymines, to a challenging small-format duel game, Beer & Bread. The innovations will be available for the first time at SPIEL'22

News from Deep Print Games

Deep Print Games offers a treat for fans of complex games with Skymines. Successful author Alexander Pfister has this time developed a space-based Eurogame together with Viktor Kobilke. One to four players from the age of twelve slip into the role of investors who mine raw materials on the moon and asteroids.

They have "CrypCoin" signs in their eyes - the currency that everything revolves around here. The fact that the players spread their outposts over different sectors ensures that there is plenty of interaction. They have to decide again and again in which of the four companies to invest. The actions are controlled by laying out cards face down. It is also possible to bet on research or helium-3 reserves using the appropriate cards. After seven rounds the score is settled. The recommended retail price for the expert game is 59,99 euros.

In contrast, the family game Caldera Park – the successor to Savannah Park – is more relaxed. The successful authors Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling have developed a placement game that is set in the wilderness of North America. But the harmony and security that Annika Heller's artwork radiates can be misleading, because numerous challenges await one to four players aged ten and over.

It is important to pay attention to the water access of groups of animals or to the effects of weather tiles. The water points in particular score points, because their number is a multiplier for the value of an animal group or family. Caldera Park appears in the "In Nature" series at Deep Print Games with a recommended retail price of 34,99 euros and no plastic parts.

Last but not least, Deep Print Games will also publish Beer & Bread at the SPIEL. The Kennerspiel by Scott Almes marks the start of the publisher's new "Two-Person" series. It is a duel game with illustrations by Michael Menzel with a recommended retail price of 29,99 euros, in which exactly two players aged ten and over are in charge of a village. Although the fields are divided by neighbors, in the alternation of dry and fertile years, players compete to brew the tastiest beer and bake the crustiest bread by matching the multifunctional cards. There are 30 beer cards and 30 bread cards, as well as a total of 84 wooden ingredient markers in the game.


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