Monsters are not just monsters. In the three new games from Pegasus Games they appear in different forms: As vampires in Werewolves Vampire Night. As a pixel monster of an 8-bit dungeon in the Boss Monster Big Box. Or as brawling tavern monsters in Monster Inn. All three novelties will appear at SPIEL'22 and will be available at the Pegasus Games Stand 3-M110.

Everyone knows good staff is the be-all and end-all! This is also true in Roman Pelek's new card game, Monster Inn. As the dungeon master, players visit the local tavern to hire new monster staff for their dungeon. But there are also people hanging around in the establishment and nobody wants them in their own dungeon.

What is needed, on the other hand, are powerful monsters. In this bidding contest you can fold, but then in return you get the weakest monster or - even worse - a human, but also opponents' treasures who pay for not having to take this card. Monster Inn is a fast, tactical, take-along family game for three to five dungeon lords and ladies aged eight and up with a suggested retail price of EUR 12,99.

Pixel monsters and vampires

Anyone who used to spend hours with pixelated monsters in an 8-bit dungeon will feel transported back to that time with the fun game Boss Monster, because the card game revives the gaming experience of 80s video games with its retro look. In addition to the base game, the Boss Monster Big Box that has now been released also contains the four expansions: Next Level, Rise of the Minibosses, Total Destruction and Vault of Villains.

In addition, the Boss Monster Big Box also contains six tableaus in order to be able to present the dungeons in an appealing way. In the course of a game of Johnny and Chris O'Neal's fun game, two to six players aged ten and up first build their own dungeon and then lure heroes inside to devour their souls. If you are new to the Boss Monster world, you can get the Big Box, an all-in-one package with more than 600 cards of all Boss Monster parts that have been published by Pegasus Spiele for a recommended retail price of 49,99 euros. On the other hand, if you already have all the base games and the expansion, you can also purchase the new mini-expansion Vault of Villains separately.

Werewolves Vampire Night ties - nomen est omen - to the well-known Werewolves series. The principle of the game remains the same – only this time vampires are in the game instead of werewolves, and they bite one person per night. As usual, the day after, we can again discuss diligently as a group who is to blame. Then a vote is taken and a suspicious person can be lynched.

As usual in the Werewolves series, the special abilities of characters are also of great importance in this part. Thematically appropriate are people like the insomniac or the investigator. Werewolves Vampire Night can be played independently with six to 24 people aged ten and up. Combined with Werewolves (new edition), up to 48 people can play in three teams. The suggested retail price is 14,99 euros.


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