Knight Models has good news for fans of Game of Thrones: A new miniature board game based on the television series and its spin-off House of the Dragon is scheduled for release later this year. 

The publisher Knight Models has plenty of experience with licensed miniatures, especially Batman and Harry Potter have often been implemented in board game format. Now, with Game of Thrones, an enormously popular template is once again being used to design a board game with detailed figurines. Apparently, Knight Models has been pretty busy with the development, because the new miniature board game for Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon is scheduled to be released later this year. 

Double Game of Thrones

Announced on Facebook, the miniatures game will be an adaptation of the hugely popular TV series Game of Thrones and will be made in collaboration with HBO, the production company behind the TV series. The highlight: The game also includes the content of House of the Dragon, the spin-off show about the house Targaryen, which has already completed the first season.

There are no details about the tabletop miniatures game – Knight Models has not yet published any information about the material or the game mechanics. What is particularly exciting is that the title will be the first ever tabletop board game based on House of the Dragon. There have been a number of game titles for Game of Thrones before. Previously, CMON released a tabletop game based on the story created by George RR Martin: A Song of Ice and Fire. The strategic title is available in German from Asmodee in Germany and will continue to be expanded. That House Martell will be the latest add-on pack .

In the meanwhile extensive board game from CMOM - the publisher behind board games like Blood Rage or Cyberpunk 2077 - the focus is on the strategic component. Players direct the fortunes of various factions from the book series and lead the forces into battle in Westeros, a fictional kingdom set for the Game of Thrones. The Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game revolves around the armies of the great houses - such as House Baratheon, the Lannisters or Targaryen.

The new board game for Game of Thrones also seems to be in good hands. Knight Models is a publisher responsible for the development of several licensed miniature games, including the Batman Miniatures Game, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

There is no concrete release date for the new miniatures game for Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon. 

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