The Darkmoon Fair is popular with fans of the MMORPGs World of Warcraft for brightly colored colors, fun rides, NPCs and stalls, buff treats with exotic names and performances by the music band Seuchensau. From mid-November, the spectacle will also find its way into Hearthstone, an online card game with a deck building mechanism. The players can look forward to 135 new trading cards.

The "Darkmoon Madness" expansion has, for Hearthstone veterans, well-known gods in its luggage. So C'Thun, N'Zoth, Yogg-Saron and Y'Shaarj return to the Deckbuilder and, fitting for a fair, provide powerful special abilities with wheels of fortune and spectacular artifact effects. In addition, Hearthstone cards can now be marked with "doom". These cards are upgraded when the players play a card in their deck that causes higher mana costs. The Doom card must be on the player's digital hand during this time. In this way, a single card can be upgraded to a powerful weapon.

Darkmoon Faire as a Hearthstone expansion

The new expansion belongs to the beginning of the last phase of the Year of the Phoenix. Here are some important updates, such as game balance patches, new Hearthstone heroes and servants as well as a season event. In addition, the players can expect an already announced update for the new mode "Hearthstone duels“, Which should consist of a card set and new magic safe modes.

In addition to the new features mentioned, the "Dark Moon Madness" expansion, the progress and reward system of the digital trading card game will be revised. There are changes to the daily and weekly quests, a reward path will be introduced that also leads to recognition outside of the wild and standard game, a success system will also record the progress of the player and the profile page will be updated with player information, the current Hearthstone Rank and a player statistic expanded. The individual points should be accessible from November 12th via a "diary symbol", which will replace the previous quest log.

The pre-order mega-pack for the "Darkmoon Madness" expansion contains early access to the "Hearthstone Duels" mode, 80 trading card packs, 5 gold card packs, a legendary card, the warlock N'Zoth, his matching card back and battlefield bonuses.

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