Last Saturday the first Neviges games lounge took place in the historic Velbert district of Neviges. With success: around 75 visitors were guests in the evangelical parish hall on Siebeneicker Straße, the tables were always full. The tenor of the guests was clear: this has to be repeated.

At the beginning of November, shortly after SPIEL'19 in Essen, the Nevigeser Games Lounge opened its doors for the first time and offered its guests a day of fun. Board games and role-playing games were played. From the complex business simulation 18CZ to the children's classic Halli Galli. The visitors could choose their favorite from a wide range of board games on offer. Thanks to the support of explanatory helpers, unknown games could also be selected. The next games lounge will take place on April 25, 2020 - again in Neviges.

The community hall is in a good mood

Shortly after the opening, the first interested visitors visited the evangelical parish hall in Neviges. Game veterans got together straight away to play a game of 18CZ under the guidance of Heiko Gentzik. 18CZ is a complex board game in which, as a company shareholder, you develop lucrative rail networks for your railway lines and trade in shares.

Newly interested people looked around the wide range of games and children, beaming with joy, picked up their favorite games. Around noon the hall filled up and the game was accompanied by a cheerful background noise. In the meantime, role-play adventures were offered by Bodo Dürbeck in the youth cellar of the parish hall.

Heiko runs 18CZ: a business simulation game for experts. Photo: Anne Marie-Christine Volkmann

Heiko Gentzik runs 18CZ: a business simulation game for experts. Photo: Anne Marie-Christine Volkmann

The youth leader of the YMCA Neviges, René Görtz, counted 75 visitors in the meantime. Families in particular liked to make use of the games lounge. Apparently without fear of contact, game groups came together in the most varied of constellations. Sometimes the choice fell on the latest innovations that were made available to us by the publishers HeidelBär Games, Amigo Spiele and Lookout. Schwerkraft Verlag, on the other hand, was there itself: Owner Carsten Reuter presented his games at their own tables.

The organization team of the Nevigeser Spielelounge. Photo: Anne Marie-Christine Volkmann

The organization team of the Nevigeser Games Lounge. Photo: Jasmin Benninghoff

But titles like Ohanami and Wangdo also seemed to be particularly well received and many a foray into the world of board games went to Menara with Marco Troschka. Meanwhile, interested players could get to know the game designers Gerhard Wiegand and Benjamin Schultz and test their prototypes extensively.

In addition to the fun of the game, the culinary delights were not neglected either. There were sandwiches at fair prices, panini with avocado cream and rocket, of your choice with chicken, waffles on a stick, many different chocolate bars and a large selection of drinks. The proceeds went to the youth and child labor of the YMCA Neviges, which offers its young members in many ways leisure activities, which are always very popular.

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