Blizzard Entertainment presented quite a few new announcements at the in-house convention BlizzCon: New expansions for World of Warcraft, and Hearthstone and successors to Overwatch and Diablo. A message almost got lost. Thanks to BlizzCon attendees, it is still being disseminated. Asmodee and Blizzard are teaming up for a new World of Warcraft board game that will be released this spring. 

The first pictures that visitors to the BlizzCon took of the new World of Warcraft board game - it is a “work in progress” - indicate the character of the game: It is based on Smallworld. That is already being communicated openly. Details of the WoW board game are not known, but it can be seen that various well-known WoW races, including orcs, trolls, tauren or elves, will find their way into the game.

WoW board game: a new game instead of a new edition

There are several board games for World of Warcraft, now another one is being added. In partnership with Asmodee, Blizzard Entertainment is releasing another analogue title set in Azeroth. Interesting: The board game could not be aimed exclusively at fans with previous knowledge.

The World of Warcraft board game will not be a remake of an existing game. Instead, the makers probably rely on a transfer of a functioning mechanism into the WoW universe. It is still unknown whether the board game offers more than Smallworld in terms of play or is just a visual adaptation.

The user “Skelextorr” has published some first photos on Twitter, taken directly at BlizzCon 2019.

The board game Smallworld by Days of Wonder apparently forms the basis. The gameplay will also be similar: In a fantasy world - this time Azeroth - players will probably fight for supremacy on the game board, expand their realms and use a combination of race and special ability.

The board game will probably be less “epic” than the board game for World of Warcraft, which was distributed in this country by the Heidelberger game publisher, now HeidelBär Games. The board game originally came from Fantasy Flight Games. Now Asmodee and Blizzard will presumably rely on a concept more suitable for the masses that can score with catchy rules and a fast game.

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One advantage of being oriented towards Smallworld: The board game would be open to future expansions. Asmodee and Blizzard could then publish new content at regular intervals, perhaps adapted to newly appearing extensions. German localization can be assumed.

Fans will know whether this will work by spring 2020 at the latest, when the new World of Warcraft board game will appear.

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