Egosoft has announced an add-on for its Space Sandbox X4 called Split Vendetta and the release of version 3.0, both of which should appear in 2019. Both the patch and the add-on should not only expand the game with new ships and equipment, but also expand already integrated game features.

As the name suggests, the add-on introduces the split families as the biggest innovation, they can become powerful trading partners or bitter enemies. How the players deal with factions in X4 is typically up to Sandbox to everyone.

Since gamescom is just around the corner, Egosoft is still holding back with detailed information at the moment. There the developers would like to reveal more about the add-on and also about the content of 3.0.

Already known information about Split Vendetta

The expansion is announced for the 4th quarter of 2019, as is the 3.0 update.

The split families will move into the X4 universe. You can trade or wage war with them. The family does not only bring family members with them, it also includes new spaceships, stations, weapons and technology that you can also own and use.

There should already be new possibilities at the beginning of the game how you can experience them, unfortunately no details were given. New missions of the already known kind find their way into and there will also be a new kind of missions: diplomatic missions

As already mentioned, you can find Egosoft in the Indie Village on the gamescom Visit in the period from August 20th to 24th and squeeze them properly.

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