The selection of flight controllers for the Xbox has not been that big so far, with the VelocityOne manufacturer Turtle Beach has filled a gap. The device was extremely well received by pre-orderers: “. Turtle Beach's supplies in the US, UK and Germany sold out in less than 15 minutes and the rest of the world sold out in less than an hour, ”the company said. However, replenishment has already been announced.  

More than 21.000 fans had signed up for VelocityOne Flight and were waiting for the new controller for flight simulations
can be reserved. After the pre-order was activated on November 3rd, the coveted controller was quickly sold out.

"The worldwide run on the VelocityOne Flight pre-orders via our website is a wonderful start for our entry into the rapidly growing market for flight simulation hardware," said Jürgen Stark, Chairman and CEO of Turtle Beach
Corporation. After all, the CEO also has good news: There will soon be more flight controllers for Xbox and PC.

Flight controller was a novelty at E3 2021

"After the launch of VelocityOne Flight on November 14th, additional quantities will gradually be available for those who could not reserve a device via pre-order," said Jürgen Stark. However, the device is not particularly cheap, with its price of around 380 euros it is primarily aimed at those fans who want to experience flight simulations as realistically as possible. Especially for the new edition of the Microsoft flight simulators the tax system is made. This is not absolutely necessary, the simulation game can be controlled surprisingly well with the gamepad, moreover are there alternatives - the latter, however, are not particularly numerous and also not particularly topical. Turtle Beach's VelocityOne Flight is a real novelty in this segment.

The VelocityOne Flight, announced at E3 2021, marks Turtle Beach's entry into the gaming simulation accessory market. VelocityOne Flight is a complete flight control system that was developed in collaboration with aerospace engineers and pilots as well as a dedicated Turtle Beach team, which can look back on more than two decades of experience in the development of numerous first-class controllers for flight and racing simulations.

Gamers looking for a more realistic flight simulator experience on Xbox Series X | S and Windows 10 PCs should consider the Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight Control System. "It offers intuitive and realistic controls and gives users of all skill levels a comprehensive system to experience the thrill of flying," says Turtle Beach. A true-to-the-original 180 ° control horn with integrated rudder control enables precise control of every aircraft.

The modular thrust quadrant included in the scope of delivery with trim wheel, double lever and vernier controls as well as interchangeable thrust levers offers pilots better customization options on the ground and a realistic flight experience for both light and heavy
Planes. The flight controller is connected via a USB connection, which means that users can easily set it up on an Xbox console as well as under Windows 10.


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