The country needs new game fairs. At the end of September, the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany will have one more attraction: from September 28 to September 30, the EGX Berlin 2018 will take place in the event location The Station. As an offshoot of the largest English gaming event, the EGX is intended to attract numerous adult gamblers in Germany with immediate effect. Set-up play stations, lectures, but also cosplay and board games are among the offers at the new game fair. Tickets are already available.

A kettle of color, only smaller

One month after Gamescom 2018, Europe's largest trade fair for video games, a new games fair is set to establish itself in Germany: EGX Berlin 2018.

From September 28th to September 30th, the Berlin event location The Station will host the EGX, an event that scene connoisseurs might already know from Great Britain. The game fair has existed in England since 2008 - and recently attracted around 80.000 visitors. Fans play the latest PC and console games at hundreds of gaming stations, listen to presentations by industry giants or browse through the extensive range of merchandise on offer at the exhibitors' stands. EGX Berlin is a versatile trade fair concept that utilizes pretty much every topic that might even be of remotely interest to gamers: gaming, retro games, panels, board games, cosplay, eSports, after parties - the list goes on.

New game fair in the capital: EGX Berlin 2018

It remains to be seen whether the diverse range of events will also be popular here in Germany. The more visitors are offered, the more watered down the individual attractions are sometimes. Well-known exhibitors are represented in abundance at EGX Berlin 2018. Well-known exhibitors include Activision, Capcom, SEGA, Creative Assembly and Ubisoft. This should ensure a lot of playable top titles.

What should not be missing at such events nowadays are YouTube stars, who are now among the obligatory “industry celebrities” of gaming events. Will you go to Berlin shortly after Gamescom for that? Doubtful. However, the concept works the other way around: fans who have not visited the Cologne trade fair now have the chance to sniff the trade fair air. That’s good and it’s livening up the scene.  

It will be interesting to see how well the inaugural event will go: whether fans will also accept the offers.

The cost of a day ticket is 20 euros. The super pass for all three days of the event costs 40 euros. Tickets for EGX Berlin 2018 are here .

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