"With Tears of a Goddess,” Pegasus Press transports readers into a world of myth. The game comic is already available from Pegasus Games. At the same time, England's most famous detective is looking for one of his nemesis in "Sherlock Holmes - On the trail of Jack the Ripper". The new volume will be in stores from April.

Readers control the stories

Ten years after a horrific murder in London's Whitechapel district, the perpetrator seems to strike again. In Sherlock Holmes - On the trail of Jack the Ripper this riddle needs to be solved. Holmes and his faithful companion Dr. Watson have to find out if this really is the notorious mass murderer. Because the cruel criminal was never caught. But now strange writings on the walls of the quarter may give the decisive clue. And then the newspaper also publishes a letter from "Hell".

On the other hand, it looks fantastically beautiful in a nameless port city in the Far East Tears of a goddess out. But the idyll is deceptive. Three robbers attacked the temple of the goddess Nuwa. In the process, they stole six valuable artifacts. As a fearless bounty hunter, the readers must use courage and skill to track down the criminals and find the "tears" again. And all before night falls. Because according to legend, the relics wither if they are not in the temple at night.

In the game comics, readers become heroes of a story that they control themselves. Your decisions influence the plot and make the gaming experience unique. Numerous adventures and tricky puzzles await the heroines. The hunt begins - whether in the big city or in mythical Asia.