Console headset maker Turtle Beach and ROCCAT – the PC peripherals brand of Turtle Beach Corporation (NASDAQ: HEAR) – today introduced the Scout Air and SYN Buds Air wireless gaming earbuds.

Both models benefit from Audio-Technica's many years of experience in the development of audio equipment since the company was founded in 1962. This knowledge is now also benefiting gamers again, because both models convince with an audio quality that is unparalleled in the video game world.

For mobile console and computer gamers

Developed for mobile console and computer gamers and fans of both brands, both the Turtle Beach Scout Air and the ROCCAT SYN Buds Air are compatible with iOS, Android and other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as Nintendo Switch, Windows PCs and Mac. When gaming on the go, the game mode of the Scout Air and SYN Buds Air with a low latency of only 60 ms helps with the crucial audio recognition in the game. The earbuds also offer a total battery life of 20 hours and are sweat and water resistant according to IPX4, so listening to music or podcasts is no problem even during training.

The dual microphone technology ensures clear voice input, and the included sets of different ear tips offer a comfortable fit during long gaming sessions. Features such as customizable touch controls, easy selection of EQ presets, enabling low-latency game mode, and checking battery status are available to the Scout via Turtle Beach's Audio Hub app
Air and via ROCCAT's SYN Buds Air app.

Turtle Beach's Scout Air wireless earbuds and ROCCAT's SYN Buds Air wireless earbuds can be purchased at or as well as from participating dealers worldwide at an RRP of 99,99 euros. Both versions will be available at participating retailers worldwide on March 21, 2022.

“The mobile gaming market will grow to nearly $2021 billion in 100 and we continue to expand our portfolio of mobile gaming products to bring the benefits of Turtle Beach and ROCCAT to gamers on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch” , said Juergen Stark, Chairman and CEO of Turtle Beach Corporation. “In this expanding category, Turtle Beach & ROCCAT present the Scout Air & Syn Buds Air Wireless Earbuds, Scout Air and SYN Buds Air deliver top audio quality, clear sound and comfort at a level that meets the high demands of mobile console and computer gamers will."

NBA star Josh Hart, a fan and partner of Turtle Beach and ROCCAT, appreciates the freedom and performance of wireless earbuds when travelling, working out or just on the go. Josh was involved early on in the development of the new Scout Air and SYN Buds Air to ensure they met his mobile gaming and active life needs. The Portland Trail Blazers guard added, “I want great audio performance whether I'm playing, listening to music or chatting at home or on the go. I need clarity, comfort and great audio quality, and the Scout Air and SYN Buds Air deliver just that.”

The Scout Air and SYN Buds Air wireless gaming earbuds are designed for use with Bluetooth 5.1 enabled devices, Windows PCs and Mac. They offer a total playback time of 20 hours, including five hours via the earbuds and a further 15 hours via the charging case. The charging case has a battery indicator and can charge the earbuds in just 15 minutes for five hours of battery life. Turtle Beach's Scout Air and ROCCAT's SYN Buds Air also feature Game Mode, which provides 60ms low-latency feedback for critical in-game audio detection. The Scout Air and SYN Buds Air are also ideal for use in the gym or outdoors thanks to their IPX4-certified, sweat and water-resistant design. Built-in dual-microphone technology ensures crystal-clear chat, and three sets of interchangeable ear tips provide a secure, comfortable fit for all-day use.


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