After the last extensive, highly acclaimed update of the early access version of Everspace 2 (both current and 90 percent positive reviews on Steam), Rockfish Games is releasing a brand new demo in response to popular requests from the community.

This is no longer based on the outdated prototype but on the current Early Access version. Thus, test pilots can for the first time allude to part of the first star system for free before diving headlong into the action-packed space shooter RPG, which is set in a carefully, hand-designed, half-open game world.

Play demo, take progress with you

“As a completely self-financed, independent veterans studio, maximum transparency towards our fans has always been the focus of our communication. As always emphasized, we have a very strong vision for our game and our team is putting all their energy and passion into developing Everspace 2 to offer a truly unique gaming experience in the highly competitive space genre. We stand by all of the promises we made in our Kickstarter campaign and we want to be judged by that alone, ”said Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of Rockfish Games.

“However, we are also aware that the development of a spectacular space game based on various inspirations from iconic space shooters as well as some of the most popular open-world ARPGs and looter shooters can sometimes raise expectations that are far beyond our budget and beyond our possibilities as an indie studio with around 20 developers and a handful of extremely talented external development partners. Although we have already hosted over 90 weekly gamedev and community streams on our Twitch and YouTube channels, in which we always show the latest development status live in action and answer burning questions from our community, we understand that for some hardcore Space Sim lovers are particularly interested in a few technical details that they want to experience for themselves before they make a purchase decision. We have therefore decided to publish a completely new demo that is 100% based on the current Early Access version so that any interested space pilot can jump straight into the cockpit to test our work without obligation. "

The new Everspace 2 demo offers access to the first five main and two side missions as well as an infinite number of random encounters, so that demo pilots have unlimited time to freely explore every asteroid field and space station in the first sector of the Ceto system. In the process, scores are transferred from the demo to the early access version, so that Everspace 2 beginners can continue their adventure straight away. However, the level cap of the demo is limited to level five in order to ensure an exciting experience during the transition to the full game. After completing the tutorial, demo pilots can continually hunt down opponents and go in search of valuable resources in order to accumulate as much credits as possible and stock up on better equipment from vendors on the nearest asteroid when they tackle the full version.

View of the Khait Nebula

In the fourth star system, early access pilots will get to know various new and sometimes already known alien life forms. For example, pilots of the early Everspace 2 prototype can look forward to the return of the popular shadow creatures, whose pairing you have to help a little, for which they thank you with valuable resources if successful.

In addition, a large number of space stations and special locations await in the Khaït Nebula, where some familiar with new gameplay elements are combined in order to offer even experienced pilots new challenges without completely overwhelming less experienced players.

In addition to the increase in the maximum player level and a set of new player perks, the autumn update will also add a few chapters to the campaign. This will not only reveal new essential secrets in the Everspace universe, but will also put Adam Roslin and his companions to a severe test, at which their common cause threatens to fail due to conflicting personal interests.

Every Friday the Everspace 2 team shows at the Rockfish Games Twitch and YouTube Channel brand new content from 20 p.m. to 22 p.m. CEST / 14 p.m. to 16 p.m. EST / 11 a.m. to 13 p.m. PST Viewers even have the opportunity to ask questions directly to various members of the development team, CEO and co-founder Michael Schade personally moderates both chats on a regular basis.

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