Niantic, the company behind Pokémon GO, announces its new big project. Peridot is all about the eponymous animal companions that players want to raise and care for. After titles for established franchises such as Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom, Niantic is launching its own brand in the AR segment again. Peridot is expected to be soft-launched in select markets at the end of April.

Peridot is a new AR mobile game from Niantic that focuses on the joy of nurturing, raising and breeding adorable, unique creatures. After thousands of years of slumber, the Peridots (or Dots for short) awaken to a world vastly different from their usual surroundings.

Peridot: Nurture and care for magical companions

Now they need the players' help to save their kind from extinction. To do this, players raise their peridots from birth until they are fully grown. As players explore the world with their Dots, they'll learn more about their cute new friends and develop a relationship through nurturing and playing with them. The heart of the game is the care and nurturing of a peridot to grow it from baby to adult. To grow, a dot needs experience points, which are gained through petting, walks, and training.

Each peridot is completely unique. Just like humans, they vary in appearance, skills, preferences, and personality traits. Each peridot has its unique DNA. The breeding system, which mimics how real DNA works, combines the best of handcrafted assets and procedural generation to create a stunning variety of different creatures.

The app encourages players to explore the world. One of the most important mechanisms is the desire system. A peridot periodically makes wishes that players can help fulfill. This system encourages interaction with the real world and other people. For example, a wish might be to take a short walk, visit a nearby place, or eat a blue tomato. Fulfilled wishes help the peridots to keep growing.

Once a peridot has reached adulthood, it is ready to breed. The common goal of all players is to work together and diversify the peridot species to hatch new babies of different archetypes. There are countless possibilities for these archetypes, such as unicorn, peacock, cheetah, ram, rabbit, clown fish - and many more.

Reproduction takes place in "habitats" - these are the places where the adult peridots reside. In order to reproduce, players must use nests. These items can be found near habitats. Some nests can mutate various special traits, such as a "cheetah pattern nest" - meaning the resulting baby will have a cheetah pattern. Some nests mutate one trait, others mutate multiple. It also depends on the rarity of a nest. By using these mutator nests, players can strategically breed specific archetypes and influence the appearance of their next generation. However, rarer archetypes can also take several generations of breeding before they appear.

Peridot is a camera-based AR game. Niantic's unique Lightship ARDK technology allows players to experience their creatures up close and immersed in the gameplay. The peridots are intelligent and can recognize different surfaces in the real world, such as dirt, sand, water, grass and leaves. When your dot forages on one of these surfaces, it will receive different types of food accordingly - like seaweed from the water or prickly turnips from the sand. This creates an immersive fusion of game and real environment.

Peridot launches in select markets in April. As the testing progresses, Niantic will gradually release Peridot to additional markets. Niantic wants to inform players about this “as soon as possible”. The game will be available as a soft launch on the App Store and Google Play.


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