In January 2021 and thus in the new year, Netflix will provide its viewers with an exciting program. The streaming service provides series and film highlights, such as the first season of the meditation guide "Headspace: A Meditation Guide", but also the third season of the Netflix hit "Cobra Kai" and the novel adaptation "The White Tiger", for exciting entertainment in front of the television at home. This is a welcome change for young and old, especially in times of lockdown. In our Netflix calendar you will find a clear overview of all the films and series that January has in store for you.

The Netflix program in January 2021 has exciting highlights and innovations in the luggage for the subscribers of the streaming provider. With our clear calendar you can easily find out when your favorite films and series are showing! We have already selected a few highlights and exciting trailers for you and your entire family for the New Year's month of January.

Netflix calendar in January: home theater for the whole family

True to the motto: "New month, new popcorn program.", Netflix will also be offering you new films and series for streaming in January 2021. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone!

Netflix series in January 2021

1 January 2021

  • Highlight for stressed out: Headspace: A Meditation Guide | Netflix Original / Documentation
With Headspace: A meditation guide shows Netflix ways to meditate. Image: Netflix

With Headspace: A meditation guide shows Netflix ways to meditate. Image: Netflix

With the new original series Headspace: A Meditation Guide, Netflix shows its viewers mindfulness techniques in eight animated episodes, which are supposed to help with sensations such as stress, anger and the inability to let go. Each episode ends with a guided meditation. Headspace: A meditation guide is the first of three planned series in collaboration with Headspace and Vox Media Studios. The series Headspace is to follow: a sleeping guide and an interactive experience.

  • How to get away with Murder - Fifth Season | Crime

5 January 2021

  • Premiere: The history of swear words | documentation

6 January 2021

  • Beyond death | documentation

January 8, 2021 (start date moved to January 1)

  • Highlight for families: Cobra Kai - Third Season | Action / karate

The Netflix hit Cobra Kai is set 30 years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournaments. The now successful family man Daniel LaRusso meets his swampy adversary Johnny Lawrence, who, in the style of Cobra Kai, has made more mistakes than good deeds in his life so far. When Johnny then reopens the "Cobra Kai" karate club, Daniel threatens to lose his mental balance. But he also decides to open the dōjō of his deceased mentor Miyagi. This leads to merciless rivalries that claim their victims.

  • Lupine - Season One | Crime - 2021

10 January 2021

  •  Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season Six | Sitcom

13 January 2021

  • Night Stalker: Chasing a Serial Killer | documentation

15 January 2021

  • Disenchantment - Third Season | Comedy / animation

21 January 2021

  • Riverdale - Fifth Season | Mystery

22 January 2021

  • Highlight for young people: Fate: The Winx Saga - Season One | Adventure - 2020

Fate: The Winx Saga is based on the popular Italian animated series Winx Club. A group of young fairies learn to use their magical powers at the magical school of Alfea. In the fantastic series, topics such as love, rivalries, school life and the fight against monsters play an everyday role.

  • Snowpiercer - Second Season | Sci Fi - 2020

26 January 2021

  • Snowpiercer - Second Season | Sci Fi - 2020

27 January 2021

  • Highlight for fans of world cinema & premiere: 50 m² | drama
The new Netflix Original 50 m² follows a hit man on his escape. Image: Netflix

The new Netflix Original 50 m² follows a hit man on his escape. Image: Netflix

In the Netflix series 50m² a hit man hides in an empty tailor shop from his bosses, whom he has betrayed. Will he get a second chance there? After all, the residents of the Güzelce neighborhood believe him to be the son of the late tailor Adil. An instructive relationship soon begins between the hit man Adem and his neighborhood.

29 January 2021

  • We Are: The Brooklyn Saints | Documentation / football
Netflix movies in January 2021

1 January 2021

  • Minimalism: Less is now | documentation
  • Red Sparrow | thriller
  • The Shape of Water | Drama / thriller

2 January 2021

  • Asphalt Burning | Action / Comedy - 2020

7 January 2021

  •  Poignant Drama highlight: Pieces of a Woman | Drama - 2020

Pieces of a woman is the moving and personal story of a woman whose life seems full of losses: Martha and Sean were supposed to be parents, but when the planned home birth becomes a painful blow for the couple, their lives change decisively. Martha not only has to deal with her own grief, but also with her strained relationship with Sean and her mother, as well as the allegations of her midwife. Kornél Mundruczó directed Pieces of a Woman and Martin Scorsese was involved as a producer.

January 8. 2021

  • Azizler - All together for themselves | Comedy / drama

January 11, 2021

  • Crack: Cocaine, Corruption and Conspiracy | documentation

12 January 2021

  •  Highlight for families: Pokémon: Detective Pikachu | Comedy / family

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu tells the story of Tim, whose father was a police officer and is now said to have passed away. At least that's the official version. When Tim travels to Ryme City, his father's home where people and Pokémons spend their everyday lives together, he discovers a Pikachu in his father's apartment. Quite confused, Pikachu believes in being a master detective and is sure: Tim's father is alive! A search for clues begins, which uncovered a plot that could destroy the peaceful coexistence between humans and Pokémon.

15 January 2021

  • Outside the Wire | Sci Fi

22 January 2021

  • Highlight for bookworms: The white tiger | drama

The adaptation of the novel The White tiger, the award-winning story of the same name, tells with a lot of biting humor about the winding rise of a poor Indian villager to a successful entrepreneur. Initially still on the road as a conscientious chauffeur, Balram soon learns what fraudulent means his employers are willing to use. When they let his life go dangerously upside down and it seems as if Balram is about to lose everything, Balram rebels with all his might against India's unequal power system.

29 January 2021

  • The excavation | Drama - 2021
  • Adventure ʻOhana | adventure

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