[Display] The games from NetEnt now enjoy a very special reputation in the world of online casinos. Like hardly any other developer, NetEnt is able to pack a lot of tension into the rotating reels. Since the game is often played for real money, a successful start is all the more important. Here in this article we will look at which tips can be used to achieve this.

Find the best payout percentage

As a first step, it is important that the financial conditions are optimal. The decisive factor here is the payout ratio, which is often referred to as the return to player. What is meant is that portion of the stakes that is paid out to the players in the form of winnings. The better this value is, the better the long-term chances of success.

At NetEnt, too, each individual game is characterized by a slightly different value. This is precisely why it is important to find out the exact percentage at an early stage. Those slots that successfully leave the mark of 96 percent behind can be played with a clear conscience. On the other hand, the start is hardly worthwhile if the rate falls below 92 percent. But that would still make digital games better than their real counterparts. The slot machine in the pub around the corner often only pays around 70 percent of all bets paid back to the players.

Play with the right provider

In a second step, it is important to look for the right page. Online casinos often offer the same slots for their players. The conditions under which they can be played, however, differ greatly from one another. It is therefore important to find the right casino early on. This is characterized, for example, by good bonus offers. On a few pages, new players even get a few euros in credit that they can use to get started. Where such a NetEnt no deposit bonus exactly can be found, for example, here on this page.

The bonus must not only meet your own expectations in terms of amount. On the other hand, it is important that the terms of the payout are fair. Because every profit made from the bonus has to be converted a few times before the payout becomes an option. Anyone who carefully deals with these conditions in advance will be on the safe side when it comes to the payout.

NetEnt classics in view

There are now hundreds of slots that have been launched under the NetEnt banner. For this reason, it is hardly surprising that so many players think they are losing track. A classic that is played again and again is the game Starburst. In the arcade flair of old video games the 1980s players can hunt for winnings there. The return to player of just over 96 percent also speaks for the quality of the game.

The Narcos slot is relatively new, but has long been popular with fans. This is mainly due to the fact that it is based on the Netflix series of the same name, which has broken many successes in recent years. So if you are looking for the next adventure with the famous protagonists, you can decide to start with this game with a clear conscience. Here, too, the payout rate is in an absolutely fair range.

Develop strategy without risk

In fact, there is no perfect strategy that will definitely lead to success in playing the NetEnt Games. But an important first step in making success more likely is - as with every board game also, take a look at the features of the player. Anyone who knows exactly which mechanisms can be set in motion here is already well on the way.

Since these functions are often not yet clear at the beginning, a start without financial risk is of great importance. This is possible thanks to the free demo versions that are offered for the slots on many sites. So you have the opportunity to complete a few rounds without any real bets in order to get a feel for the respective game. Afterwards it is still possible to switch to real stakes and thus experience real winnings.