The developer studio Askiisoft and publisher Devolver Digital recently 
announced their collaboration on the game development of the action platformer “Katana Zero”. The video game with a samurai story is currently being developed for consoles and PC.

Ninja action for ninja enthusiasts

The title of the video game already suggests what it's about: ninja action in a classic neo-noir setting. “Katana Zero” is a fast paced action platform game with noticeable story influences. “Katana Zero” will be playable at the Devolver Digital booth at PAX South. The first gameplay sequences can be found in the trailer.


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The focus of the action game is fast-paced, but definitely tactical battles: reflecting shots, avoiding enemy attacks, making life difficult for opponents with traps and explosives: all of this is part of the repertoire of those players who swing the gamepad around the pixel ninja move through the levels.

All sections of the game in “Katana Zero” are hand-built and reveal different paths to success. The story seems to be comparatively unconventional for a platformer: Cutscenes and unexpected twists are supposed to create a special tension.

The video game “Katana Zero” is expected to be released for PC and console in March 2019. Further information is available at

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