NBA 2K and the German Basketball Federation (DBB) announced an agreement that will see the official home and away jerseys and shorts for the German basketball team in NBA 2K23.

Players can thus buy and wear the distinctive red and white outfits of the German national team for their "Meinspieler" in The City or on the GOAT Boat.

Lots of customization 

“Customizing a 'MyPlayer' in the latest edition of the game is one of the first things our players will do when they start playing the game. We have a lot of popular brands in our game, but now they have the opportunity to proudly represent their home country team.”

"We've worked closely with the German Basketball Federation to bring this to life in NBA 2K23, and we can't wait to see the German team's outfit all over The City or on the GOAT Boat," said Alfie Brody, Vice President of Global Marketing at NBA 2K. This is the first time that the German national team outfit has been featured in an NBA 2K game.

“With this cooperation, the German Basketball Association is taking another step into the world of basketball video games. After creating a national team and participating in FIBA ​​tournaments with great success, bringing our national team's official jerseys to NBA 2K23 is a big deal. It means we have a global presence. I'm very excited about further developments," explains DBB President Ingo Weiss.

NBA 2K23 fans can purchase Germany national team jerseys and shorts for their MeinSPIELER in The City, available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, as well as the GOAT Boat on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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