NBA 2K23 is ready to set sail on current-gen consoles - players won't pass up their chance to be aboard the luxury cruise ship this year. Last year, NBA 2K22 introduced a whole new neighborhood aboard the Cancha Del Mar.

There, players could team up with their fellow players to explore scenic settings in uncharted waters and participate in events that attracted the biggest fish in basketball. NBA 2K23 is also set on a luxury boat again, but this time the neighborhood isn't on the Cancha Del Mar, but on the GOAT Boat.

competitions on the boat

Over the next 12 months, players will call the GOAT Boat home and compete in countless competitions. Life aboard the Cancha Del Mar was lively and eventful, but with the GOAT Boat, a whole new experience awaits you aboard a luxury liner with a more intuitive layout.

There are a number of differences between the Cancha Del Mar and the GOAT Boat, such as the deck system and boardwalk. To make staying on the cruise ship as comfortable as possible, the focus this year is on the design of additional game modes and courts, wider walking areas and hallways to allow players to move around as easily as possible, and a more centrally located boardwalk that connects all areas connects with each other.

All information about the new environments, game options and quests can be found in the current Courtside Report.

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