NBA 2K22 will be released on September 10th for consoles and PC. Most recently, Publisher 2K gave a comprehensive look at the upcoming updates for MyNBA in NBA 2K22 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, including the all-new MySTAFF, the Prep Hub, Attributes and Badges, and much more that add depth to the mode . 

The list of features covers a few key points: "MySTAFF" gives the players full control over their organizations, from the selection of the coaching to scouting to the sports medicine staff. There are improvements to team and player training, including a new preparation hub that has everything players need to test and adjust team training and fatigue in view of the scouting report on the next opponent .

The new situational coaching gives power users the ability to more easily give coaching instructions while simulating games. There are three new predefined custom teams, complete with logos, uniforms and arenas to make it easier to customize new leagues - and new attributes and badges help tell an exciting story.

Story experience about the city and career

The title has a vibrant basketball community, a variety of rewards and activities, and a new MyCAREER story with missions and cutscenes all set in town. Here are some of the city's innovations in NBA 2K22 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S:

  • New city quests offer players the opportunity to experiment with their careers away from the court, for example as a fashion or rap icon;
  • A larger population makes the city pulsate, which feels even more alive with new NPCs;
  • Improvements to your own accommodation - such as a penthouse from which a zip line leads directly to certain courts - play an important role in MyCAREER, as you receive new quests from trainers and friends here;
  • There are new buildings to discover in town, including a matchmaking building and Club 2K, where players can listen to music from some of the hottest labels to be added each season;
  • Among the rewards are new ways to get around town, including go-karts and inline skates, new emotes, intros and outros, animations, customizable name tags, and more.

The neighborhood also returns for players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. This year they set sail on board the "Cancha del Mar". Each level of the ship, from the lobby to the upper deck, is specially designed for different basketball activities. In addition, the Seasons offer exciting new detours to tropical locations with recognition value. Each Season also offers new content, rewards and unique events.

The list of features includes faster gameplay, more nimble and direct movement controls, more skill-oriented offense, changes to the player editor, and much more. "From the very beginning, our focus has been on making gameplay as fun and exciting as possible in order to release one of the most authentic sports games of the year with NBA 2K22," said Mike Wang, gameplay director at Visual Concepts. "This year, in close collaboration with our community, we've narrowed down the key areas where players have requested key changes, in addition to implementing new gameplay improvements that make the experience in this year's game even better."

NBA 2K22 includes many new gameplay innovations, including:

  • Defense & Defensive AI: Completely redesigned systems for defending and blocking throws, significant improvements to the basic defense rotations and much more.
  • Dribbling: Unique feeling and rhythm of the size-ups of the different players, significantly faster game pace with much more precise control on the court and lots of new combos, demolition maneuvers and movement sequences.
  • Game in the Post: Improvements with a host of new content, such as new movement patterns and a full arsenal of moves with your back to the basket.
  • Throwing: There is a new throw indicator that grows dynamically for high-quality throws with good shooters, but shrinks for well-defended throws, weak shooters or exhausted players. NBA 2K22 puts more emphasis on throwing IQ this year, so teams that work hard to enable open throws and make good throws will score significantly better than teams that force bad throws.
  • Graduations under the basket: The respective skill level will have a much greater influence this year when it comes to graduations under the basket, and players can use a brand new dunk style editor to build their own individual dunk repertoire.
  • Builds, Badges & Unleashed Extras: Adjustments for more balanced builds and a selection of 80 badges give players even more influence on the game. In addition, NBA 2K22 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S offers exclusive Unleashed Extras * that can be unlocked to enhance existing Unleashed abilities.

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And 2K also implemented a charity campaign for NBA 2K22 in a marketing-effective manner: 2K Foundations, the philanthropic branch of 2K, which strengthens and inspires disadvantaged communities through direct investment in local funding programs, unveiled its latest project in Ljubljana, Slovenia, last weekend. Working with the Ljubljana City Council and with Dallas Mavericks All-Star Guard Luka Dončić, 2K Foundations renovated his childhood court. The renovation also included brand new seating and lighting.

Mavericks All-Star is promoting Court in his hometown

The new artwork for the court was designed by Dončić, who chose local graphic designer Nejc Prah to realize his design. Lukas' new logo integrates Lukas' initials (LD), his shirt number (77) and arrows representing his style of play, revealing an "S" for his home country Slovenia.

“This is a very exciting day for me. I have great memories of Ljubljana, where I grew up. These are my childhood places where I learned and trained the game, ”said Dončić. “It is an honor to be able to give something back to my city and my country, which have given me so much and which I love so much. The opportunity for children to play in the same courts and pursue the same dreams I had is something I look forward to. "

As part of the celebration, Luka signed the court and officially dedicated it to the community, local children were invited to take part in basketball training games, 3-on-3 games, dribbling courses and challenges. The best players in these challenges were judged by Luka and others. Jordan Brand and BioSteel, who both work with Dončić, provided prizes and equipment.

Dallas Mavericks All-Star Guard Luka Dončić visited his hometown. Photo: 2K

Dallas Mavericks All-Star Guard Luka Dončić visited his hometown. Photo: 2K

“Foundations is very important to 2K and our sports titles. We are incredibly proud of our contributions to communities, from court renovations to training programs in the STEM subjects (math, computer science, science, technology). As of 2018, Foundations has completed more than 40 regional support projects, reaching communities around the world, ”said David Ismailer, President of 2K. “We are proud to have created a program that has done a part in providing some of the world's greatest athletes and talent, like Luka, with the opportunity to connect even more closely with the community that means so much to them. "

The new courts will be made available to the local community, just as Luka was able to use when he grew up in the city. They could become a stepping stone for the next generation of Slovenian basketball players.

“It is such an honor that Luka has returned to his hometown and committed himself to these courts of his childhood. He represents Slovenia all over the world and we are proud of what he did for our country, not only at the Olympics, but also his successes at the NBA ”, said Zoran Janković, Mayor of Ljubljana. "He loves Ljubljana, and the city and the country love him."

In the past year, 2K Foundations has supported numerous projects, given different communities around the world a platform and its activities around professional and educational initiatives as well as broader sports opportunities such as golf camps and tournaments, local support programs through music and improved studios, and much more. The most recently completed projects include the renovations of basketball courts in Moss Point, Mississippi with the Phoenix Suns all-star Devin Booker and in Birmingham, UK with the Birmingham Rockets. Additional programs and repairs in Los Angeles, Oakland, Minneapolis and New Orleans are expected to be completed by the end of the year. For more information on 2K Foundations, including current and upcoming projects, visit the official website.


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