Beginning Friday, fans can celebrate Shaquille O'Neal's legacy and enjoy an eclectic selection of tracks by 'Low Profile x CASUAL' artists on the soundtrack. The second set of songs by the contest winners of 2K Beats: The Search is now available on SoundCloud.

2K today provided a detailed look at Season 8, which begins this Friday, July 1st in NBA 2K22. In Season 8, fans compete for glory and athletic greatness for six weeks. Along the way, they can earn new rewards and celebrate the historical legacy of this season's star, Shaquille O'Neal. In addition, there is a brand new theme as well as new rewards and Signature Challenges on the way to success.

Shaquille O'Neal's legacy

NBA 2K22 Season 8 celebrates Shaq's legendary combination of athleticism and finesse that has dominated everywhere and shows that greatness is earned, not given for free. The Season also brings exciting updates to MyCAREER and MyTEAM, as well as other new features:

MyCAREER has new courts, new equipment, new rewards and more. Level 30 players can ramp up The City and Cancha Del Mar with the new go-kart slime skin, while level 40 players can dash through MyCAREER mode with a brand new pair of winged Dash2K I shoes. In addition, in Season 8 they can dress up completely in gold in the motto of the NBA Finals - with golden glasses, golden basketball jersey, golden long shorts, golden arm sleeves, golden hat, golden shirt and golden suit.

This season, MeinTEAM focuses on some players who have had a decisive impact on the community over the past decade. There is also an endgame Jokic, an Invincible Dr. J in the Token Market, an Invincible Dominique Wilkins reward for 2000 Triple Threat wins, and more. There's also a Kobe and Shaq pack at launch, and brand new Signature Challenges themed around AI, Kobe, MJ and LeBron. Last but not least, a final Domination stage for MyTEAM is introduced, where you play for an endgame James Harden.

The W* features two former WNBA stars-turned-coaches in Sheri Sam and Taj McWilliams-Franklin. In Season 8, players can rely on their basketball experience to gain Hall of Fame rank and receive their contacts as rewards, including a takeover perk picker. There's also 2K Breakthrough gear to earn, an Extra Points decal, a total of 4.000 VC, a seasonal apparel bundle, and exclusive W gear.

  • The First Fridays this season shine with a versatile selection of tracks from 'Low Profile x CASUAL'. Low Profile, a female-owned music licensing and consulting agency that has expanded to include the CASUAL label, has a carefully curated, varied offering of established, well-known artists and exciting newcomers. This season's soundtrack update includes 13 tracks from their portfolio, which can also be found on Club 2K:
  • Teddi Gold - The Floor Is Lava ft. Coolio
  • Saba- Stop That
  • Alex Frankel - Still Got It (Choices Remix)
  • Deaton Chris Anthony - The Right
  • Jany GreenLost In Love
  • Xeno_—Heterodynes
  • Xan Griffin - Lightly ft. Lani Rose
  • Carneyval & Goldman - I'M IN LA
  • Masego - You Gon' Learn Some Jazz Today
  • Bravo & Immortal Girlfriend – Atlantis
  • AV Dummy—Commercial Street
  • Carneyval - Shake Your Hips!
  • Saba—MOST

2K Beats: The Search, NBA 2K's annual international competition to discover up-and-coming female artists, has partnered with SoundCloud this year to add the twenty winning tracks to the NBA 2K22 soundtrack. The first group of contest winners were announced last month, the other ten tracks that will be added in Season 8 are listed below and are now available to listen to on SoundCloud:

  • NYNE - Villain (Produced by Hamley)
  • AR Immortal—Oski
  • tyler coolidge - "SLOW BURNER"
  • SAMMY STANZA - "Saints & Sinners" featuring MAL-THA-MND
  • Trey Wavey - Power to Heal
  • DAVEYTHEGREAT - Rebellious Subjects, Enemies of Progress
  • TT(TopTier) - Step Up
  • Martian-I Know
  • Josh! - Dope
  • MvkeyyJ - Gimmie Dat (feat. Aklesso)

NBA 2K22 is available worldwide for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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