2K today announced the launch of Season 5 of NBA 2K Mobile, one of 2K's flagship mobile titles with over 41 million downloads to date.

Season 5 brings a host of new features and modes, including new card tiers, the all-new Tourneys mode, a completely revamped interface, and the ability for players to carry their cards from one season to the next.

NBA 2K Mobile: NBA gameplay for mobile

Season 5 features authentic console-quality NBA gameplay with always-on updates. Players can now collect basketball cards from NBA Superstars and teams from the 2022-23 NBA season, as well as NBA Legends, and compete in limited-time events to earn basketball cards and rewards. In the all-new Tourneys mode, you can test your skills against specific opponents in a seven-game championship mode.

The new Blacktop Court for CREWS mode lets them customize their MyPLAYER before playing it in 3v3 freestyle basketball. The new mentor system brings new depth to roster management. Players can now create Mentors that grant significant boosts when attached to a MyTEAM player card.

A completely redesigned interface improves the overall gaming experience. Also, there is now 120Hz FPS for current devices that support it. Players can download the free NBA 2K Mobile app for Apple devices with 4+GB RAM and iOS 11.0 or later, or Google devices with Android 8+ (Android 9.0 recommended). An internet connection is required. The app contains optional in-app purchases.

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Elite Dangerous - Legendary Edition - [PlayStation 4] Elite Dangerous - Legendary Edition - [PlayStation 4] * 18,99 EUR


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