HeroQuest fans can look forward to a refill. As Hasbro announces, the Mage of the Mirror quest pack from the original HeroQuest will be released for the dungeon crawler reboot. 

The dung crawler classic HeroQuest also provides in the new robe for lots of fun. Whether as an entry-level title in the genre or to experience the stories of the base game and the previously released quest packs - HeroQuest has proven to be an entertaining board game title in the medium term. Now Hasbro is again pushing a well-known quest package: The Mage of the Mirror. 

New (hero) quests…

Many a week has passed since the release of the HeroQuest base game and the previous expansions - one or two adventures have experienced everything that you can experience - at least prefabricated. Write missions yourself? You can do it, but it's not for everyone. Hasbro is now adding content with the quest pack The Mage of the Mirror. The old expansion has been updated and brought into line with the new version of HeroQuest. This time it's about adventures in the elf kingdom. Trouble is brewing there, for which the Archmage Sinestra is responsible. 

The expansion contains ten new quests as part of a campaign, plus 33 miniatures and 35 new playing cards – both for Zargon and for the heroes. It will be some time before the HeroQuest expansion Mage of the Mirror appears. As announced by Hasbro, the release is planned for spring 2023. 

But that's not all: the ranks of heroes will also be expanded with a content package. A character pack contains a villain in female and male form - corresponding miniatures are included as well as twelve matching playing cards. The nimble bladed skirmisher is deadly at close quarters but can also attack enemies from afar. However, metal armor is taboo - the rogue can not withstand much in the battles of HeroQuest. 

The Roge pack will be released later this year. Hasbro lists October as the release month. Pre-orders are already available through Hasbro. The price is the equivalent of around 16 euros. 

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