Mysterium Park, the sequel to the popular deduction game Mysterium, has a release date: As Libellud has announced, the amusement park-themed spin-off will be released in the United States on October 23rd - around a week before Halloween. 

Mysterium Park will be a bit faster and not quite as extensive as the successor to Mysterium, the deduction game that is sold by Asmodee in this country and has received several expansions over the years. New ambiguous cards came into play through packages such as “Lies and Secrets”. In the meantime, Mysterium has even been implemented as an app game.

Mysterium Park appears just in time for Halloween

Libellud could hardly have chosen a more appropriate time for a publication for Mysterium Park. Around the week before Halloween, the deduction board game appears in the USA and should land on the gaming tables of many fans in time for the horror festival. In any case, there is hardly anything more terrifying than an amusement park from the 1950s.

Mysterium Park is a stand-alone title, so it can be played without having to own Mysterium. The amusement park is also about solving a murder. The successor is also based on the basic structure of the successful board game Mysterium from 2015, but should enable a faster entry and be a bit easy to play overall.

The trailer gives a first impression of the setting of the board game:

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The setting remains in the 50s, but is moved from a cursed villa to an amusement park. Each lap lasts two minutes and an hourglass is running. Clairvoyants have to discover and combine clues in this short time in order to ultimately resolve what happened to the amusement park director. Time is always on the players' necks: Six people stay next to solve the puzzle.

To do this, players again use the picture clues that a silent ghost gives them - the highlight: this clue giver is also embodied by a player. Coupled with the magnificently illustrated, ambiguous playing cards, this creates an exciting puzzle gameplay. The vision cards are again designed so abstractly that you can interpret a lot in their representations, but also read them out. For example, it is important to identify suspects and locations.

Mysterium Park also comes from Libellud, a publisher that has been part of the Asmodee Group since the beginning of the year. In US stores, Mysterium Park will be available from October 23 at a price of around 30 US dollars, or around 25 euros.


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