Mysterium Park is the name of the sequel to the cooperative deduction game Mysterium, which Libellud localized for the German game market in 2015 and Asmodee sold in this country. The creators of the entertaining ghost hunt have now published a trailer for the new board game and given the first details. Mysterium Park is expected to appear at the end of the year. 

Mysterium, the popular deduction game from 2015, is getting a sequel - finally, fans of the premiere work will scream. The cooperative board game for two to seven players still inspires players worldwide with its mix of communication and stylish game material. As wonderfully ambiguous as with Mysterium, cards are rare. The style is convincing, as is the playful part - so much so that Mysterium was able to win several awards

Mysterium Park: First trailer released

The sequel Mysterium Park that Libellud recently announced will also be tricky and communicative. The background story basically corresponds to the original: again several players - each of them embodies a medium - come together to help a ghost to solve a murder.

That was at Mystery in a cursed mansion like that - and will be in an amusement park at Mysterium Park. The subject is promising. Where else, apart from a cursed amusement park, would you find a really dense, scary atmosphere? 

A first trailer reveals what Mysterium Park is about:


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Again one of the players slips into the role of the ghost, who once again acts in silence and merely gives other players hints with ambiguous cards or at least tries to do so. These vision-like cards contain many different colors, shapes and symbols that can and must be interpreted differently again and again - in each party. 

Once again, the content is about suspects, locations and weapons that are related to the murder of the now ghostly creature. The time factor also plays a central role at Mysterium Park: the players have two minutes to analyze their cards and discuss them with their fellow players. Then a decision must have been made and the next round must be made. In the end, the murder case is solved - or not. Last but not least, this is due to the performance of the mind as a clever whistleblower.

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The deduction game Mysterium has been expanded several times over the years, but the basic version is also a lot of fun. Mystery, distributed in this country by Asmodee Germany, is a Board game from the horror genre, but contains rather shallow mystery elements and can thus serve as a tricky family game in which children can also take part. 

The highlight of Mysterium results from the combination of the illustrations and individual interpretations of the players including the mind. Almost every game plays differently due to the multitude of available combinations and feels different. The deductive elements from the teamwork of the group of players are always present, but packed in exciting interactions, which, taking into account the limited time resources, cannot degenerate into overflowing mind games. 

According to Libellud, Mysterium Park will appear this year, probably at the end of 2020.

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