The hit game My Time at Portia is now available on mobile devices: Pathea Games and Pixmain invite players on a charming trip to the post-apocalyptic city of Portia. The cost is 8,99 euros, there are currently discounts.

After selling over two million copies worldwide on PC and consoles and becoming one of the most popular games on Steam, My Time at Portia is now available with a selection of exclusive content and upgrades for mobile users on iOS and Android. To celebrate the launch, My Time at Portia will be available during launch week at a reduced price of just 6,99 euros on iOS and 6,29 euros on Android (normal price 8,99 euros). In addition to the game, you will receive exclusive housewarming gifts on mobile devices for a limited time.

Potential for millions more fans

In over 100 hours of play, you travel to the beautiful city of Portia and are given the task of restoring the old splendor of human civilization in a foreign country. While you are becoming an experienced craftsman, you become friends with the townspeople and elicit deeply buried secrets from the post-apocalyptic world.

Pathea Games has worked and tested the game's port for over a year to create the most authentic gameplay experience for fans of the original. Many features of the original have been optimized to support mobile gameplay, save time and improve the fun on portable, smaller screens. You will accelerate your progress in the future and develop your dream city faster. In addition, features such as item and task tracking as well as automatic path finding make it easier for you to make progress and perform tasks more easily. The manual and automatic storage function enables you to have a smooth mobile gaming experience in Portia anytime, anywhere.


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My Time at Portia is available in 13 languages: English, German, French, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese. For the best experience on mobile devices, the game is recommended for iOS and Android devices with more than 3GB of RAM, such as: iOS (iPhone 7 and higher, iPad Pro 3 and higher, iPad mini 5 and higher, iPad Air 3 and higher as well as iPad 2019 and higher) or Android (Android 9 and higher, more than 3 GB RAM).

Some of the features:

  • Erect buildings and run a 3D workshop: You explore every corner of the map, collect building materials and gradually switch from manual work to efficient, industrial automation. As a newcomer to the village, take on new duties and master the craftsmanship to do your part for the good of Portia and its residents. From simple sewing machines to ultra-modern flying chairs, you make everything by hand. If you'd like to get into ranching, you can even adopt an alpaca!
  • Make new friends in Portia ... and even love: Portia is populated by over 50 NPCs with whom you can interact. Make friends with them and improve your friendship. They may even help you when you least expect it. You can go swinging with your favorite residents or enjoy a flight in a hot air balloon to deepen your relationship. If things go really well, you have the opportunity to get married, have children, and raise your offspring.
  • Master challenging battles and go on adventures: You improve your fighting skills, take on scary monsters in the post-apocalyptic ruins and track down the secrets of a lost world.
  • Get exclusive items on mobile devices: For a limited time in the first week after launch, you will receive a special, mysterious gift box from the sequel to the game: My Time at Sandrock. There are also many items waiting for you that have been developed exclusively for the mobile version, including a brand new swimwear set, a massage chair and a mushroom hut. New players on mobile devices also have the chance to receive three gacha boxes - the contents of which are a secret.

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