Cats are trendy and have even overtaken dogs in popularity. So it's not surprising that the games industry keeps making the fluffy, but stubborn, furry noses the subject of some video games. Everything is great for cat fans, from adventure games to RPGs to jump-and-run content - everything is included. So there is no boredom! So that you get a quick overview of exciting game titles from the world of velvet paws, we present our top 5 video games with cats to you in this post.

When 20-year-old Mea Borowski dropped out of college, and thus returned to her roots two years after she left her homeland, she had no idea how much has changed in Possum Springs, a former mining town. The city still feels familiar, but at the same time its homeland has become alien to it. Your friends and family, on the other hand, seem to have adapted to the changes.

The crumbling town of Possum Springs has always had something depressing about Mea, almost as gloomy as her own gloomy thoughts, and then another problem plagues her: growing up! If her friends seem to be leaving their youth behind, she lives the life of a rebellious teenager who steals, riot, vandalism and, in addition to playing in a band, indulges in a fight or two and prefers to only look at work from afar .

Night in the Woods - autumnal indie cat adventure

The video game starring cats is an eclectic mix of a side scroller, point and click adventure game, with platform and comic elements, plus some minigames waiting to be uncovered. Mea is moved through Possum Springs, using roads, roofs and power lines to explore the area, its inhabitants and their dark secrets.

The video game Night in the Woods, by Infinite Fall, has no end goal, rather puzzles are to be solved and mini-content discovered so that Mea can learn more about herself and her past. The game is accompanied by magical music, which, in addition to its great artwork, gives the game something very special.

Spacecats With Lasers - Funny cat shooter in space

If you like shooters and cats, you will find a pretty wacky version of both in Spacecats!

In the arena shooter you slip into the role of a cat who shoots sneaky space mice in space using laser weapons. Your goal: nothing less than to save the universe. You can disguise the Spacecat, for example as a unicorn, and let it fly on different space bases, such as a piece of cheese or a tasty burrito. While you then have to fight your way through whole hordes of wild space mice, the evil pug king, and thus the final boss, is already rubbing his greasy paws.

But until then it is important to watch out for Spacecat and you! The bad mice appear unpredictable, sometimes behind your back or outside the picture and only rarely in such a way that the shot at the opponent is easily possible. Spacecat can only fire a certain number of laser shots, after which it has to be reloaded in order to switch off the hordes of mice. But in the course of the game, some enemies drop power-ups from time to time, which, for example, can immediately reload ammunition and permanent upgrades can also be switched on gradually.

Among the video games with cats, Spacecats with Lasers, by Bitten Toast Games, is certainly one of the bizarre shooter titles, but it is stressful, colorful and surprisingly tricky, with a cute, almost silly-looking cat theme, which is, however, in the style of the video game fits.

Another Sight - between steampunk, Alice and adventure game

With the debut title Another Sight, the Milan-based developer Lunar Great Wall Studios, not only an exciting puzzle adventure was developed, but the relationship between the young girl Catherine and the cat Hodge plays an unusually important role. So emotions are not neglected either.

The video game takes place in a gloomy, fairytale steampunk London of the late nineteenth century. Catherines, or Kits as she is called, beloved father has disappeared. Troubled, she sets out on the mysterious search for him, but not alone: ​​Hodge, a street cat she befriends, helps her search through the Victorian steampunk town, which is always reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. A particularly big advantage of this friendship is hidden in the fact that Hodge can take over vision for Kit in low-light situations. Because this has been limited in its view since a tragic accident.

In this video game, with a cat as the main character, the player can switch between the two characters at any time, for example to use Hodge's better eyesight and thus discover things in the dark, with which Kit can then interact. So you can only get through the individual levels with the help of both characters, which is not always easy.

Blacksad: Under The Skin - Dark cat thriller

Was it suicide or murder? Joe Dunn, the owner of a boxing club in New York in the 50s, was found dead and star boxer Bobby Yale also appears to have mysteriously disappeared. The daughter of the boxing club owner Sonia Dunn, who seems rather cold, hires the angular and idiosyncratic cat private investigator John Blacksad to solve the cases. In the meantime she takes over the club, its dark machinations and takes care of the problematic finances.

Here the player slips into the role of an investigator who fishes for answers in the darkest depths, the criminal underworld of New York. With its anthropomorphic characters, dark story and the flair of New York of the 1950s, the video game Blacksad: Under The Skin, by Pendulo Studios, is strongly reminiscent of an exciting detective novel. Not without reason, as comic fans know, there is already a comic series of the same name that knows how to inspire with its unique style.

Blacksad: Under The Skin is an investigative and narrative video game with cats wrapped in a gripping crime story. Here the player conducts the examinations, solves puzzles, faces quick-time events and looks for the right answers in multiple-choice dialogues.

Cattails - cat game between Stardew Vally & Animal Crossing

Cattails is an RPG by the Husband team Falcon Development in which the player takes on the role of a cat. The story begins quite tragically, because first the player's cat is abandoned. Torn from her home, she misses her owner and doesn't quite understand what will happen to her now.

But just then, another cat appears on the screen! A friendly stray named Coco who invites us into a purring world made up of three rival colonies. The tears of compassion dry up quickly and a video game world opens up that seems to lie somewhere between Stardew-Vally and Animal Crossing.

In addition to fights between the rival cat clans, in which the player takes part, relationships with the other cats have to be built up, quite feline, by hunting, providing food, but also picking flowers and collecting jewelry. Cattails offers its players a video game with cats in which they can expect an enchanting adventure simulation that leaves a lot of freedom in the game and of its kind is in trend, not only among fans of the velvet paws.

Do you already play video games with cats or have you already had one of our top 5 video games with cats in your hands? Please tell us about it! We are happy.

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