Dear audience, dear treasure hunters and monster hunters. Welcome to the next episode of the popular Munchkin show: Kill the Monsters. Steal the treasure. Stab your buddies! Above all, you shouldn't take the latter so seriously, even if your buddy is still very annoying during a game of the card game Munchkin. There are now 15 standalone card games in the Munchkin universe and none of them has lost its sense of humor over the years. Thanks to the publisher Pegasus Spiele, another, rather steamy, version of the bizarre card game will soon be released: Munchkin Steampunk. What it's about should hardly surprise fans: killing monsters. Steal treasures. Stab buddy.

Together against each other

Munchkin is the only card game in which you play cooperatively against each other and consistently get on your nerves. The card game looks back on a long tradition and attracts new fans to one of the Munchkin universes with every expansion. The reasons for the success of the card game series are obvious: Classic role-playing game elements are combined with the hunt for new equipment and garnished with a good dose of wacky humor. In addition, the behavior of the teammates or opponents is not always predictable, so that a game Munchkin always provides surprises. As a player, you never really know whether you are dealing with a friend or an enemy and agreements are only there to be broken anyway. Most of the rules are determined by the players themselves. The rules set out some elementary principles, the rest consists of reading the humorous card texts and the interaction between the Munchkin players.

In 2003 the foundation stone for never-ending fun was laid for German Munchkin players. When the base game for Munchkin appeared, the card game system was initially laughed at. The card texts and drawings were quick to convince critics, but the game mechanism was too confusing for the average player. A few hypes later, Munchkin was able to firmly establish himself in the card game culture. Fortunately, because the countless Munchkin games caused countless laughs to this day. Rumor has it that friendships were broken as a result of the game. The game idea is as simple as it is exciting: You open doors and face the monsters behind them. Victories reward you with all kinds of equipment, but also with races, classes and useful (or useless) spells. In addition, there is a hail of level ascents when beating monsters, through which the victory conditions are determined.

The Munchkin brand is so successful that not only card games, but also an extended board game and a pen & paper version have appeared.     

Munchkin Steampunk: Full steam ahead

The Munchkin theme worlds are so numerous that there is now a suitable genre representative for every taste. Whether classic fantasy, science fiction, zombies or Kung Fu: At Munchkin there is nothing that does not exist. That is precisely what makes the series as attractive as it is unique. With the new Munchkin Steampunk a German offshoot will be released soon that pokes fun at the genre of retro-futurism. Curious Munchkin fans who can hardly wait for the release will get on May 28th and 29th 2016 at the Role play convention in Cologne the chance Munchkin Steampunk to test.

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