Overall, the current year was rather a quiet, albeit successful one for Nintendo. Top sellers like Animal-Crossing: New Horizons and high console sales bring the group good sales, but highlights were in short supply. That could change in the coming year as multiple sources agree that Nintendo plans to release a more powerful Nintendo Switch in 2021. 

Higher, further, faster, bigger, more beautiful: this applies to pretty much every console manufacturer - with the exception of Nintendo. The Japanese group is taking a more individual approach to console technologies, but the technology of Nintendo consoles is also subject to the aging process. So at some point a new generation, or at least a technical upgrade, has to be implemented. With regard to the Nintendo Switch, that could be the case in the coming year. Bloomberg has also jumped on the bandwagon and reports plans for a new version of the Nintendo Switch.

Current Nintendo Switch is selling splendidly

Bloomberg* is now the second source to report on such a project. Just a few days ago, Economic Daily News had dripped oil on the boards via “The Edge Markets”. According to Bloomberg, anonymous sources believed to be familiar with Nintendo's corporate strategies have indicated that the Japanese console giant plans to release a more powerful model of the Nintendo Switch: with more processing power and 4K support.

In this way, Nintendo should be able to better compete with the next-gen consoles Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. The new Nintendo Switch should go into production at the beginning of 2021 at the earliest, not least because the current capacities are needed to make up for the production deficits due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nintendo itself had informed a few weeks ago that the Recover production processes and one assumes normalization by summer. In any case, demand will increase significantly towards the end of the year, partly due to the approaching Christmas business.

The last official information was given as part of the “Indie World Showcase”:

With the supposed release of a new Nintendo Switch, first-party games and third-party titles are to be released in the year 201. The Bloomberg report also claims that these games are aimed at casual gamers as well as experienced gamers. The anonymous sources state that the current group year has gone so calmly because the company is preparing for 2021. That some revelations and further announcements about big brands, for example Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 or metroid 4, pending, is known.

The information cannot be completely dismissed, it appears to be quite realistic. The current year was surprisingly calm, Nintendo could not come up with any major releases - in addition, the Japanese console giant will have to react in the coming year when Sonys and Microsofts Next-gen consoles establish themselves on the market in the first year.

The information is vague and at best rumours. So far, there have been no official statements from Nintendo. There may be more information about the future plans at one of the upcoming "Nintendo Direct Shows", at least for the current year. A new stream is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

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