The latest game from the Berlin developer studio ByteRockers' Games promises a unique digital catching game experience with super fast game rounds and action-packed gameplay elements. "Catch Me!" at which a huntedr faces three hunters will be released in Early Access on Steam on July 28th.

The action-platformer "Catch Me!" from the German developer studio ByteRockers' Games will be released on July 28, 2022 in Early Access on Steam for PC. The competitive action platformer for up to four players entertains with entertaining, fun rounds of "digital catch" that quickly drift into absolute chaos and is available on Steam for a reduced price of 3,99 euros. The game is then available at the full price of EUR 4,99.

Play catch!

In "Catch Me!", a runner faces three catchers: The hunted person has to run for victory according to the well-known game principle, running through certain points on the map while being pursued by three hunters. The hunters can use any means available in the chase, whether it's barricaded paths, stunning options, a moving subway, a Ferris wheel, electric shocks and more.

Anyone who manages to catch the runner becomes the hunted themselves and can go on the hunt for the high score. True to the motto "easy to learn, hard to master", getting into the game is very easy, but with increasing hours of play, the game offers some tactical depth in the high-speed world of "Catch Me!". 

The core features:

  • Online fun for up to 4 players
  • 4 levels inspired by cities around the world
  • A variety of different, chaotic environmental objects for players to interact with
  • Diverse characters with different skins and animations
  • Unique art style and a great soundtrack
  • Fast-paced, easy-to-learn, hard-to-master gameplay

At the start of the Early Access version, "Catch Me!" contains four game worlds inspired by countries from all over the world - one more game world is added every month. Each card is unique and offers different interaction options and thus plays as unique as possible. Players climb rooftops in the USA and the London Eye in England, surf the subway in Germany or hide in the small houses of Greek islands.

Other features that will be added through updates in Early Access are leaderboards, challenges and lots of customization options.

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