Raw Fury today launched a limited multiplayer beta for Superfuse alongside developer studio Stitch Heads, who make games of brightest day and blackest night. The bold and ambitious comic-book style ARPG will enter Early Access on January 31, 2023.

The multiplayer beta, which runs from December 14th to 20th, is the first opportunity for the public to experience Superfuse's co-op mode. This allows players to experience the game's campaign alongside a second playable character. Full beta details are available on the game's Steam page.

Dynamic skill trees for individualisations

Superfuse is set in a future where humanity has left the dying Earth and established colonies across the solar system. It features dynamic skill trees for players to choose a class and upgrade their abilities to customize their enforcer, as well as tons of loot to find and equip in procedurally generated levels.

Players choose their class and apply fuses to their powers to create a variety of unique abilities. Remap and vary your powers as often as you like to face powerful bosses with maximum efficiency. As with similar genre representatives, they optimize their unique perfect hero with powerful weapons, hi-tech armor and boosters. You can collect hundreds of different types of loot types with random stats to make your hero even more powerful, or trade or sell them to earn credits for certain items.

Both procedural and user-created levels can be played - you never fight down the same path twice, because the levels are redesigned with each game.

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