Director Robert Rodriguez is partnering with producer James Cameron to bring the manga Battle Angel Alita to the big screen. Here are my impressions of the implementation.

The film Alita: Battle Angel is about the cyborg woman Alita, who is led by Dr. Ido, a cyberneticist and doctor, is found and recorded with no memory of her name or past. Over time, she not only slowly regains her memory, she also gets to know great love and completely different sides of herself.

Movie poster for Alita: Battle Angel
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Since I liked the manga very much in my youth, I didn't want to miss the film in the preview. I was just fascinated by the story, the character Alita, as well as the very dark and sometimes disgusting images. Almost 20 years ago, James Cameron planned to film the manga, but there was a lack of time and too many projects. Since he is currently working on the sequel to Avatar, he has at least given the direction to Robert Rodriguez.

When the trailer came out last year, I was a little disappointed. Somehow I didn't like that, and I found Alita with her big eyes very unsuitable. Still, I thought that if Oscar Waltz was there, the film must have something. So I went into the film with little expectation but great hope.

On Wednesday evening at 20 p.m. the time had finally come, I reserved tickets early enough. The story starts with the same scene as in the manga. Dr. Ido finds Alita in the dump, which is a great scene in both the movie and the manga. The film could not and should not have been opened any better.

After Dr. If Ido has found Alita, he wants to restore her.
Dr. Ido restores the cyborg Alita.
© (c) 2019 Twentieth Century Fox

Otherwise, I have to admit that the elements and plot of the manga are well translated into the film. The manga, however, had a much dark aura in my eyes. Unfortunately, in some of the violent scenes in the film, the bloody part has been left out. No wonder, because the film is released from the age of 12, the manga was, to my knowledge, from the age of 16 at the time. That's something I think is a shame.
To my delight, the action and especially the fight scenes are otherwise top notch, which come into their own in the 3D film. I also liked Christoph Waltz in his role as Dr. Ido very good. I can therefore highly recommend the film to both fans and non-fans.