The Internet is a digital world full of content that is just waiting to be discovered by users. Anyone who comes across exciting videos, audio streams or presentations usually doesn't want to just watch them once, but rather save them on their home PC in order to be able to consume the work as often as required. In the world of video gaming, screen capturing and stream recording are also part of the daily bread of content producers and their fans. What used to be the dusty photo album is now the data folder with screen recordings. Screenshots are nothing more than digital memories of the most beautiful, exciting or funniest onscreen events that can happen to a passionate gamer while practicing his favorite hobby. That you want to capture these moments and share them with other players is a matter of honor.

If you want to make high-quality recordings and edit them afterwards, you need powerful software. A popular program that is not only user-friendly but also extremely functional is the Movavi Screen Recorder. We will introduce you to the advantages of the software in detail in the following article.

Movavi Screen Recorder: This is what the software does

The Movavi Screen Recorder is a multifunctional software that enables the user to record and process videos, streams or clips from various internet sources with just a few clicks. In contrast to video or audio recordings, streams have the special feature that they are characterized by their live transmission. With so-called streaming, transmission and playback take place at the same time. Only with the help of suitable software like that Movavi Screen Recorder Live streams can be converted into persistent file formats. Movavi's software users can choose which format the recorded files will ultimately have. The common file formats MP4, AVI or WMV are available. Ease of use comes first. Anyone with the capturing software Movavi Screen Recorder  Save stream does not have to work through extensive instructions, but can start recording immediately after a short familiarization. Users can explore the setting options on their own almost on the side. 

Movavi Screen Recorder: Stream and Screen Capturing for Gamers

What the Screen Recorder What makes it so valuable is the ability to record from almost any streaming source. Be it from one of the popular video platforms (e.g. YouTube) or from popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Twitch or even Netflix. Watching your favorite series offline on other devices is no longer a problem. A simple application example from the life of a streaming fan shows how useful it can be to record streams with the help of capturing programs. For example, if you are a subscriber to Amazon Prime, you can fall back on a huge variety of films, series and documentaries to bring your entertainment straight to your home. Unfortunately, not all of the content is available as a download, so users can only enjoy the full scope of the Amazon Prime Service on internet-enabled devices - at least without the support of capturing software.

Basically, programs like the Movavi Screen Recorder a service gap by making all content available to users offline.

Screen recording made easy

Recording a stream is very easy. First of all, the Movavi Screen Recorder Install software for PC or MAC. Thanks to a simple installation routine, this is just as easy as with other modern computer programs. After the successful installation, a usual double-click is enough to start the software and to be immediately ready to record a stream. If you want to save a stream, you first define the recording area. This can be done with the help of the preset resolutions, which range from 480 x 360 to 1920 x 108 and are divided into the categories standard, widescreen and YouTube. It is always easy to determine the appropriate area. Experienced users can also choose to set user-defined recording areas or use drag functionality to adapt the recording window exactly to the streaming source.  

In addition, users can decide whether they want to record the sound using a microphone input or system audio, or even save both sources together. The recording volume can be adjusted using simple sliders.

Then all you have to do is click on REC (short for Record) and the software starts recording. The recording now runs until the user presses Stop or pauses the recording in order to continue it at a later point in time. When the capturing process is completed, the file is saved as an MKV and is now available for further processing if required. The fact that users can convert their recorded stream into other formats is almost a matter of course Movavi Screen Recorder Software. Making and managing screen recordings quickly becomes routine, so that the supply of video files can grow steadily.

In the end, it is only the user who decides on the limits of screen recording. the Movavi Screen Recorder is aimed at all users who want to take high quality screen recordings with just a few clicks. The following are possible:

  • Recording of video streams
  • Download from YouTube videos
  • Create your own video tutorial
  • Desktop video recording
  • Recording of webinars
  • Recordings of Skype calls
  • Take screenshots

The software is extremely versatile and is a real asset for users when dealing with streaming content.

While beginners benefit from the uncomplicated usability, advanced users will appreciate the numerous detailed settings. These range from the recording of the keystrokes to the definition of the frame rates. The Movavi website also provides quick help in the event of problems, with clear instructions for each individual function. How easy it is Download Netflix movies can be shown in the linked instructions as an example.  

Another invaluable advantage for undecided users is the ability to use the Movavi Screen Recorder test for seven days without specifying payment details. The free trial version includes the full functionality package with a slight limitation on video lengths and the visibility of a watermark. However, the test phase is ideal for getting an impression of the software in a very uncomplicated way. 

Five tips for better screen recordings

If you have started taking screen recordings on a regular basis, the next step is to try to edit the screenshots and videos so that they leave an even more lasting impression.

For this reason, we have collected five tips for you to take better screenshots:

Add information to screenshots

Immediately after the capture, screenshots are initially nothing more than a 1: 1 representation of a certain screen content. Screenshots get real added value by adding additional information, notes or simple graphics that draw the user's attention to relevant content. Info boxes, arrows or colored markings are particularly suitable for this. And what applies to images can also be helpful when using video recordings. 

Correctly adjust aspect ratios

Anyone who needs a screenshot in a different size than the recorded one is often faced with the problem that the screen recording becomes blurred or pixelated, especially when enlarged. This can be avoided by first adjusting the aspect ratio of the screenshot with an image editing program and then using the recording in its new form.

Merge multiple screenshots

So-called panorama shots are particularly worth seeing. With the help of special programs, such screen recordings can be made easily. If necessary, you can also do this manually as a user. To do this, one looks for easily recognizable orientation aids on the respective screen content, takes screenshots of the individual scenes and then combines them to form a panorama. This is not the most elegant solution, but one that works quickly and without resorting to other software solutions.

A single picture as a clear guide

In order to understand connections, you can scroll through books, read instructions or watch videos. It is usually much easier for beginners to have all the important information presented on a single picture. All that is necessary for this is a screenshot of the entire explanation process and a sequence of numbers that explain step by step what can be seen in the picture. Incidentally, this also applies to gamers who want to clarify certain game scenes in order to give their fans game tips.

Also applies to screenshots: data protection!

In particular, users who display their personal desktop should be careful to make sensitive information unrecognizable. Even a screen capture is nothing more than a file that may contain valuable information that is better hidden from others. In the worst case, this affects passwords, security codes or account details, for example. When creating screenshots, the following applies: keep your eyes open!