PC accessories manufacturer Roccat is launching new gaming keyboards and new gaming mice. In addition to three models from the Vulcan keyboard series, the Burst Pro and Burst Core are two new control units from two different price ranges. The new gaming peripherals from Roccat will be available from the end of October. 

Right on time for the beginning of Christmas business, PC accessories manufacturer Roccat is releasing new gaming keyboards and gaming mice - in different price categories. and for different user groups. First of all, with the new keyboards from the Vulcan series, several models will appear that rely on the Titan Optical Switch, a technology that enables significantly faster keystrokes and should therefore have a positive effect on response time. In addition, the Burst Pro is a gaming mouse that also uses the Titan Optical Switches.

Roccat's new gaming keyboards with Titan Optical Switch

The new accessories will come onto the market at the end of October, which means that the PC peripheral manufacturer is once again expanding its portfolio. Just recently one had under the brand Elo a new series of gaming headsets released. Roccat has now introduced the new Titan Switch Optical and three new versions of the award-winning Vulcan keyboards. The first mechanical Vulcan keyboard was presented in 2018 with the Titan Switch Tactile, followed by the Titan Switch Linear in 2019. "As a result, the keyboard series has secured a large number of editorial awards and high praise from the players," says Roccat , the PC accessories manufacturer based in Hamburg.

With the new Pro versions including Titan Switch Optical, Roccat is now addressing ambitious gamers who want a keyboard with improved response time. Modern switches are said to be 40 times faster than a conventional mechanical keyboard, with a service life that is twice as long.

The new Titan Switch Optical can be found in the full-size Vulcan Pro keyboard and in the Vulcan TKL Pro, the compact tenkeyless version. In addition, ROCCAT will expand its award-winning mechanical keyboard series with two more Tenkeyless versions, the Vulcan TKL with the Titan Switch Tactile and the
Titan SwitchLinear.

The four new Roccat keyboards will be available in Europe from October 30th. The full-size Vulcan Pro and the compact Vulcan TKL Pro with the fast Titan Switch Optical will cost 199,99 euros and 159,99 euros, respectively. The Vulcan TKL with the Titan Switch Tactile and the Titan Switch Speed ​​will be available for 129,99 euros.

The Vulcan Pro is the "big" version with a number pad. Image rights: Roccat

The Vulcan Pro is the "big" version with a number pad. Copyright: Roccat

The Vulcan Pro looks like the Vulcan 121 on the outside, but the inside is the new Titan Switch Optical. The technology behind it: The Titan Switch Optical replaces the physical contact of a conventional mechanical switch with a light beam that is interrupted by the optical switch as soon as the button is pressed. This is exactly what should lead to a faster reaction time, which registers keystrokes 40 times faster than a mechanical switch. Another advantage is the extended service life, which is around 100 million clicks compared to 50 million clicks for a mechanical switch.

The Vulcan Pro comes with an anodized aluminum plate in ash-black, is connected by cable via a USB-A port and has ergonomic keycaps with a flat profile. As part of the AIMO product family from Roccat, the keyboard works with RGB lighting and is supplied with a removable magnetic wrist rest. The Vulcan Pro will be available at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of 199,99 euros.

The new gaming keyboard can already be pre-ordered:

Those who prefer a more compact keyboard for gaming will find the Vulcan TKL Pro a smaller, tenkeyless version of the Vulcan Pro, also equipped with the Titan Switch Optical. The case has been made smaller in this model, and Roccat also dispenses with the number pad, which pure gamers hardly use anyway. The TKL Pro comes with a detachable USB-C cable, and like the other Vulcan variants, it offers a game mode in which macros for favorite games can be recorded. The Vulcan TKL Pro also supports the AIMO lighting system and can therefore be perfectly combined with other products in the Aimo range. The Vulcan TKL Pro will be available for around 159,99 euros.

The portfolio is rounded off by the mechanical variant. The gaming keyboard Vulcan TKL will be available in two versions: once with the Titan Switch Tactile and once with the Titan Switch Linear. Both models will come with a detachable USB-C cable. The price is € 129,99 each.

Gaming mice with the new Titan Optical Switch

If you want to stock up on peripherals at the gaming area that rely on the fast Titan Optical Switch, you could be pleased that Roccat is also bringing suitable gaming mice onto the market. The Burst Pro is Roccat's first mouse with the optical switch, which, like the Vulcan keyboards, focuses on precision and responsiveness. According to the manufacturer, the new gaming mouse from Roccat registers clicks up to 100 times faster than a conventional mechanical gaming mouse. And the same applies here: The optical switches should be more durable.

The shape of the Burst Pro is symmetrical and ergonomic. A translucent top, through which the integrated honeycomb construction can be recognized, ensures a visually impressive appearance. Thanks to this construction, the weight could be reduced to 68 grams. The and Aimo lighting system is also supported.

The Roccat Burst Pro is a gaming mouse with optical titanium switches and a beautiful lighting effect. Image rights: Roccat

The Roccat Burst Pro is a gaming mouse with optical titanium switches and a beautiful lighting effect. Image rights: Roccat

Fans will also find an innovation on the underside of the gaming mouse. The Burst Pro uses heat-treated, 100 percent pure PTFE mouse feet designed to improve gliding on all types of mouse pads. Even if the mouse is wired, it shouldn't feel like it: Thanks to the "PhantomFlex" cable, players experience quasi-wireless gameplay. A mouse bungee is then no longer required. The Burst Pro will be available in stores worldwide from October 30 for approximately 59,99 euros.

The Burst Pro was born out of a desire to create a new symmetrical mouse that leverages the manufacturer's latest technology while also being able to harness the potential of the intelligent Aimo light engine. "When it comes to PC gamers, speed is an extremely important factor," says Roccat. The optical switch is intended to make this technical advantage noticeable in the game.

The new Burst Pro gaming mouse can also be pre-ordered:

In addition, the Titan Switch Optical also solves the all-too-common “double-click” problem that occurs with mechanical switches towards the end of their lifespan. To achieve the best possible performance, the Burst Pro is equipped with Roccat's optical owl-eye sensor with an adjustable DPI of up to 16.000. The Burst Pro is also the first mouse to feature a lightweight honeycomb design covered in a solid, clear topsheet and UV-coated buttons for added durability and protection from the elements.

Roccat put another focus on the side surfaces of the mouse, which were given a glossy hexagonal texture and, in combination with the UV-coated buttons, ensure grip. The Burst Pro will be available in Ash-Black and Arctic-White.

If you can do without some DPI and also want to save some money, the Burst Core is a basic version of the Pro version. However, you have to do without the translucent top. The Burst Core PC gaming mouse comes with an 8.500 DPI PAW3331 PixArt sensor, solid honeycomb construction and a more subtle design. The Burst Core will be available from November 16, 2020 for an RRP of EUR 29,99.


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