The Moses Verlag has announced its novelties for the year 2021. Games fairs are canceled at the beginning of the year, such as the Toy Fair in Nuremberg, where publishers would actually provide information about their portfolios for the current year. Novelties are still appearing, as is the case with Verlag Moses, which not only adds new variants to the stories card games, but also offers new board and dice games. 

If there is one thing in the toy industry by which the clock can be set, it is new publications from the Stories series from Moses Verlag. In 2004 - around 17 years ago - the first offshoot of “Black Stories”, a game by Holger Bösch that revolves around strange, tricky and black-humored stories, all of which are difficult to grasp and therefore encourage participation. The format was successful, innumerable versions followed and always opened up new subject areas. In 2021 it will be no different:

Moses Verlag presents innovations for 2021

There is therefore news from them again Black Storiesthat were created in cooperation with well-known writers. While Sebastian Fitzek and Nele Neuhaus were previously involved in the creative process of this special edition, this time the Moses Verlag was able to win Ursula Poznanski, the third bestselling author for the pitch-black puzzle stories.

But it wasn't about the puzzle card game series. There is also a new Berlin Edition and - following a trend - a version of True Crime that focuses on real criminal cases. The name is program. The Black Stories Junior continues with true stories: with True Stories and Detective Stories, new puzzle stories for children aged eight and over are published.

At the latest since the pub quiz, the Fitzek games or the dice game Calavera were published, you have to reckon with the Moses Verlag in the board games segment. The new products for 2021 also include board games for casual or family players or for anyone looking for titles with short playing times for in between.

Board and puzzle games - also for families

A real board game is the family-friendly title Kraquawhere fish have to be brought safely to their destination. The highlight of the board game is a foldable game board, which expands twice in the course of the game, provided that the players bring the fish through the corresponding gates in the correct order. The players act cooperatively to escape the tentacles of the octopus “Kraqua”, who steals the gemstones that need to be brought to the finish.


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No less interesting should be with the game QUIZscape be an offshoot of the still trendy escape area. The idea from the pen of Arno Steinwender (including Quiz it! From Rudy Games or CloudAge in collaboration with Alexander Pfister) is based on a “box full of surprises”. Players are confronted with a total of three time travel adventures that have to be puzzled through. The specialty of this escape game lies in the combination of - the title suggests it - quiz questions. The combination of quiz and escape game could bring a breath of fresh air to the genre. One of the adventures lasts around an hour, and two to five players can take part in each. The concept is aimed at players aged 14 and over and relies on popular names: the adventures revolve around Sherlock Holmes, Cleopatra and Leonarda da Vinci.

Because the box design of QUIZscape corresponds to that of the pub quiz, this is the perfect transition to an extension of the cooperative quiz game that is now included Back to School receives a new extension. You can already guess: It's about knowledge from school. The idea of ​​the pub quiz is currently particularly interesting because the game can also be played digitally without any problems in Corona times.

Rock the Bock is a roll-and-write by Inka and Markus Brand. Photo: Moses Verlag

Rock the Bock is a roll-and-write by Inka and Markus Brand. Photo: Moses Verlag

The game is also part of the new items program for 2021 at Moses Verlag Rock the buck, a new member of the Roll & Write genre. The game was created by Inka and Markus Brand. In addition to the luck of the dice, you need the right strategy when choosing the symbols - it's about having more bucks than wolves. There is a small annoyance factor that supports the interaction.

Word games are also a trend, and Moses Verlag will be following it up with a new product in 2021: The perfect word is aimed at all gamers who like to play with words. The entertaining games are explained in no time and are a lot of fun. The mechanism is clever: Vowel cards and a block set requirements that must be met as far as possible, because players can earn bonuses for this. There are points for the perfect word length, a hit letter or the inclusion of bonus letters. With an hourglass ticking, time is limited - players need to think, write down and get creative quickly. The word game can be played with up to six players, but optionally also alone in a solo mode.



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