Nintendo has not only made Star Wars fans happy with the announcements at the current Direct Show: fans of top-class shooters will soon be able to shoot on the hybrid console as well. The Japanese company announced the releases of Doom 64 and Overwatch for Nintendo Switch. Doom 64 should be released on November 22nd, while Blizzard's Overwatch for Nintendo Switch will be playable from October 15th.

Since the release of Wolfenstein, players have known that shooters also work on the Nintendo Switch. Now all those shooter fans who can't get hectic enough on the screen get a new one. Both Doom 64 and Overwatch will be released for the hybrid console in the coming weeks. This was announced by the Japanese entertainment giant as part of its latest Nintendo Direct Show.

Doom 64 is coming to Nintendo Switch in November

Fans of the tough shooter series Doom have to wait a few weeks. The offshoot Doom 64 is expected to be released for the hybrid console on November 22nd and can then not only be played at home on the TV set, but also on the go. The original was already released in 1997 for Nintendo 64, the plot is based on the first two PC titles Doom and Doom 2, but also on Final Doom.

While Midway Games and ID Software were responsible for the development back then, Bethesda is now taking care of bringing the typical “Doom feeling” of the 64 title to the Switch.

Overwatch will be available for Nintendo Switch on October 15th

Rumors that Overwatch would be implemented for the Nintendo Switch had been around for a long time. Now Nintendo has officially announced on the Direct Show that Blizzard's world-wide popular team shooter will be released for the hybrid console. Fans don't have to wait long: the game should be available as a digital download and a physical version by mid-October. The cost is around 40 euros, but there is then the "Legendary Edition" with access to all content previously published for other platforms - including all 31 heroes.

Crossplay, on the other hand, will not exist. Last but not least, this is due to the technical conditions, above all the movement control of the Nintendo Switch, which should also be supported in Overwatch. In terms of play, the Switch version could certainly provide new incentives and a different feel: after all, some actions of the heroes can be carried out particularly intuitively with the movement control, such as D.Va's "short flight" or Genji's evasive maneuvers.

On October 15th, the multiplayer spectacle also starts on Nintendo Switch. In addition, Nintendo also lures buyers with a “goodie”: If you buy Overwatch in the legendary edition, you will also receive three months of Nintendo Online. The subscription service is essential for the multiplayer game anyway.

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