Unknown Worlds Entertainment, the creators of the survival hit Subnautica, unveiled their latest title at Gamescom, which runs from August 24th to 28th. The digital turn-based miniatures game is coming to Early Access on September 29th. We were able to play a demo of the game at Gamescom and we are already in a very positive mood.

During the Opening Night Live 2022, the developers of the well-loved survival game Subnautica presented their latest game. Moonbreaker is a competitive, turn-based strategy game in which we go into battle with our captain and his team. The aim is to eliminate the opposing captain. The special feature of the game are the miniatures, which should give you the feeling of a physical board game.

Tabletop battles like in Warhammer

We were able to play Moonbreaker for two at Gamescom and found it very beginner-friendly. Although we didn't receive much instruction in the game, we quickly got into it. Each player initially chooses a captain and an army. Then it goes directly into the game by only starting the game with your captain. More units can be sent onto the battlefield each turn using the Cinder currency, which can be seen at the bottom of the screen. When a unit is called onto the battlefield, it must pause for one turn before it can perform any actions. You also need Cinder to carry out attacks or special abilities of the respective units.

With the Cinder currency, you can carry out all sorts of actions and summon new units onto the battlefield.

Because you have to pay for everything with Cinder, a simple but very fun tactical element comes into play. We were often faced with the decision of whether it would be better to send a new unit onto the field or whether it would be better to use the ability of an existing unit. Especially at the beginning of the game, since you don't have much Cinder here. You get an additional cinder per round, which makes the possibilities of actions per round more and more diverse. This creates a comfortable tension because you are getting more and more opportunities to act, but you also know that your opponent will have more opportunities to act as well.

Because every unit, like in Warhammer, has a certain attack range, tactics, in connection with the increasing number of currencies, become even more exciting from move to move. One thinks more and more about how one could tactically position oneself behind walls or boxes, for example, in order to escape the enemy's attacks and with which units one could charge forward to damage the opponent.

Paint miniatures like "real"

An additional component that makes Moonbreaker look even more realistic is painting the miniatures. The game features a unique, detailed and easy-to-use paint mode where you can paint your team however you want. You have numerous tools at your disposal with which you can let your fantasies run free. There is even the option of mixing different colors together or, for example, sticking flame stickers onto the figures.

Moonbreaker has an extensive painting program to be able to design its miniatures according to your preferences.

The great thing about painting is: The self-painted miniatures can be implemented in the games. As with Warhammer, the two fun components of miniature painting and playing are combined in this game.

Excitement until the release

At first glance, Moonbreaker does everything right. It offers a simple, yet tactically deep game, which you definitely want to continue playing after a round. And that again and again. Admittedly, a round usually lasted no longer than 15 minutes, but this game creates a pull that makes you want more. And also a desire to build different teams and try out tactics in the future. By the way, you can also put a lot of time in the painting mode to paint your digital miniatures. I can well imagine that it would be great to be able to present your self-painted figures in a batch.

This game is just plain fun at this early stage. People who have at least a little interest in tabletop and miniature board games should check this out. Moonbreaker will start in Early Access on September 29th and is expected to cost around 30 euros.

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