The digital tabletop video game Moonbreaker is taking a bold step: removing monetization with the new content update. Instead of expanding the business model to include loot boxes, the developers are doing exactly the opposite. The fans are happy. They provided the feedback that the game's creators use to make improvements as part of the Early Access phase.

Krafton and Unknown Worlds today announced that the first major content update for Moonbreaker is now live. This content update includes important adjustments to the game's Early Access business model and introduces a number of gameplay changes to make the game more in line with traditional miniatures and tabletop games. In addition, the second episode of the "Moonbreaker: Tales From The Reaches" radio play series starts.

Moonbreaker: Developers listen to the community

Since launching Early Access on Steam last month, both Krafton and Unknown Worlds have made an effort to evaluate player feedback. This was already evident with the removal of the Cargo Run Contracts in the week following release. Today's content update further underscores that commitment and brings several important community-driven game changes. Some highlights are described below.

In summary, this content update removes all in-game monetization of Moonbreaker. Pulsars, the game's currency, have been removed and can no longer be purchased or exchanged for in-game items during Early Access. As a result, the in-game store has been disabled and all Pulsar purchases will be automatically refunded via Steam. The Founder's Pack Pulsars are now replaced with a new Zax and Slopper skin. Players who already own the Founder's Pack will automatically receive the skin.

Also, all units ie Captains and Crews are now automatically unlocked with the base game. This means that booster boxes have been removed and any new Common rarity units added to Moonbreaker through future Early Access content updates will be automatically unlocked for all players at no additional cost.

Sparks are now replacing Blanks and Merits as the primary in-game currency. Players can use Sparks to increase a unit's rarity. Unit rarity will continue to be a cosmetic upgrade only and will not affect gameplay.

Finally, progression through the season is now much faster and includes several new exciting cosmetic rewards.

Based on strong community feedback, the content update also introduces a number of core gameplay changes that further honor Moonbreaker's miniature and tabletop roots while increasing player freedom of action. Players will now start each match with all available crew at the start of each match, doing away with the concept of "boost" and "draw" mid-game. This adjustment comes with a slight reduction in the crew, which has been reduced from ten to eight players (excluding the captain). 

Speaking of captains, Astra has had an overhaul to ensure it offers players a wider range of counterplay options. In addition, the ship assistants have been reworked to give players more choice in how they are used:

  • Orbital Strike: At the start of a player's next turn, deal 3 damage to all nearby units; The cooldown has been reduced from four rounds to three rounds.
  • Cinder Infusion: New keyword, infused. Gain +1 Cinder every turn; Give an allied crew infused for XNUMX turns.
  • Plink: Upon activation, the player can select a unit whose life totals have changed this turn and either restore life totals (if friendly) or deal damage (if enemy).
  • Stowaway:: When this Ship Assistant is deployed, the lowest-cost unused Crew is replaced with one that costs +1 Slag more to deploy.
  • corrosive particles: The radius of this tool is reduced from five to two, a reduction of 83 percent.

The new content update also brings the second episode of the Moonbreaker: Tales From The Reaches audio drama series. The latest episode, "The Story of Zax", is available in-game or on digital podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeart Media, Amazon Podcasts and Stitcher.

The audio plays take listeners to various locations in the Reaches - a tiny solar system with moons held in orbit by a scarce resource called Cinder. At the same time, they learn more about the main characters and the world of the game. Moonbreaker audio dramas tell a compelling twisted story that will unfold over many years to come. "Zax's Story" is the second of three episodes to be released during the first season of Moonbreaker, with additional episodes planned for each subsequent season.

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