Alumni of Z-Man Games and Fantasy Flight Games have formed a new studio, Moon Crab Games. That's not all: the first project has already been announced. With "Leviathan Wilds" they are working on a board game for which a first demo can be tested.

Start-ups are greeted with expectations in the board game industry, especially when seasoned veterans are involved. This is what happened at Moon Crab Games, an independent studio brought together by alumni of Z-Man Games and Fantasy Flight Games.

Debut board game: Leviathan Wilds

The connoisseurs had previously worked on games like Pandemic or Star Wars: Imperial Assault, so the expectations of Leviathan Wilds as a debut project can be set accordingly high. Behind the studio are names like Justin Kemppainen, Sam Shimota and Todd Michlitsch - and with them experience in the development of complex board games, including Star Wars Rebellion, Descent and the "Wrath of the Lich King" spin-off to Pandemic.

For Leviathan Wilds, the makers are relying on a cooperative board game concept that takes action-adventures like Shadow of the Colossus from Sony Computer Entertainment as a model from the video game sector. The idea? Players must work together to bring mad giant creatures back to their senses by dissecting crystals from monster bodies. Of course, you have to climb the giants first.

Instead of a game board, Leviathan Wilds uses a spiral notebook as a base, similar to the Gloomhaven spin-off The Paws of the Lion. A campaign mission should last around 45 minutes, and there should be a total of 20 scenarios. Another highlight: the decks of the different characters are each unique and equipped with different abilities. And something else sounds exciting: the remaining cards of the deck represent the remaining power with which the players can cling to the leviathans. If you fall off, you can refill your deck by resting. The monsters each have their own deck of cards to trigger different effects.

Moon Crab Games plans to crowdfund Leviathan Wilds. The associated campaign is scheduled to start in the third quarter of the year, and the board game will then appear in 2023. Anyone who would like to try out the cooperative board game can do so via the tabletop simulator - there is a demo.


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