The day long awaited by fans is here: Monster Hunter World: Iceborn, the expansion for Capcom's Monster Hunter: World, has been released for consoles. To speak of an add-on for “Iceborn” hardly does justice to the digital work - Monster Hunter World: Iceborn is more. The scope is larger than that of the main game. Maybe because the expansion is the first and last for Monster Huinter: World. By the way, “Iceborn” won't be released for PC until next year.

Capcom itself speaks of a “gigantic DLC expansion” at Monster Hunter World: Iceborn. And the publisher is spot on. The add-on brings an almost overloaded range of new features, including a completely new area with the Raufreif-Weite. With the introduction of the master's rank, all those players are faced with new challenges for whom the main game has become too easy. The difficulty of the game should increase noticeably with the rank. 

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn is coming to PC in 2020

The first ratings for Monster Hunter World: Iceborn are promising, and what's more: they are outstanding. On Metacritics, Iceborn had 39 ratings and a score of 90. The expansion was also very well received by game testers.

Numerous new features are available to players. All 14 weapon types will be expanded - including new combos. The lovable cat creatures “Palico” have also received an update: every supporting gadget now has an additional rank.

Iceborn brings a wealth of new features - and looks great again. Image: Capcom

Iceborn brings a wealth of new features - and looks great again. Image: Capcom



Players can now bridge long distances with the trooper ride, which is triggered by a whistle signal. Once blown in, a helpful four-legged friend marches up. The highlight: During the trip, players can calmly prepare for the upcoming fight. The otherwise typical “dead time” for such game situations does not exist. In any case, Capcom has revised many frustrating factors: the walking routes are shorter and clearer, the entire Seliana region has become more compact than Astrea was. 

Iceborn Features: First the main story, then the new one

Despite all the new content: Monster Hunter World won't get any easier with the expansion, on the contrary. Monster Hunter World: Iceborn is aimed at players who have already played through the main game. That is a prerequisite. At the same time, due to the quality of the expansion, completely new players should be addressed, who then deal with the main game first, in order to be entertained for months afterwards.

Experienced hunters can act as “Hunter Helper” and help newbies. This very useful tutor system is also one of the new details of Monster Hunter World: Iceborn.  


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What remains, however, is the fact that Monster Hunter World: Iceborn is also a real time waster. Those who have only acclimatized themselves will find their way around the extension straight away. The “wild hunt” can then begin. It hardly needs to be mentioned that new monsters have also made their way into the add-on. 
Capcom has apparently not really improved the menu navigation; both veterans and beginners have to come to terms with confusing, awkward menus. Otherwise Monster Hunter World: Iceborn looks like a piece. It seems like a stylish, beautiful paradise for hunters of exotic creatures.
Starting today, September 6th, hunting will take place on Xbox One and Playstation 4. Monster Hunter World: Iceborn for PC will not be released until the beginning of 2020.

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