The hunt on the Nintendo Switch begins: In addition to the physical and digital standard edition of Monster Hunter Rise, the digital Deluxe Edition and the Collector's Edition of the title have been released. New features and techniques such as the wyvern ride enrich the versatile combat system - and for the first time it is the dog-like palamutes that support players during the monster hunt. 

The Monster Hunter series presents a new adventure today with the worldwide release of Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch. This latest entry accompanies players to the village of Kamura as it prepares for the impending riot. Hunters can face these challenges alone or with up to three people in local or online playable multiplayer mode. Thanks to the versatility of Nintendo Switch, gamers can now hunt anytime, anywhere, with whoever they want!

Animal company, more monsters - new quests

In Monster Hunter Rise, the dog-like Palamutes make their debut as a new companion and the rope beetle mechanics ensure even more freedom in action-packed battles. The Palamutes join the series favorites, the feline Palicos, and support players during the hunt. In addition to their considerable fighting skills, Palamutes also serve their hunters as mounts. In this way, quickly running away monsters can be caught and the hunting grounds can be crossed quickly. Cable beetles, on the other hand, allow players to move in all directions during the hunt - that is, even to dizzying heights. They can also be combined with any of the 14 weapon types to create a silk tie attack. A hit with these attacks means that the new Wyvern Ride technique can be carried out and players can temporarily control large monsters.

In the new rampage quests in Monster Hunter Rise, hunters have to expand the village defenses with the help of the residents of Kamura in order to repel the massive onslaught of the fortress by hordes of monsters. Particularly challenging are the apex monsters that can appear during this siege. The dynamic difficulty adjustment in Monster Hunter Rise ensures that the quest difficulty adjusts automatically when other players join or leave a quest.

The new hunter connection feature allows you to create your own tag that reflects goals and play style. This enables hunters with similar interests to be found or friends to be added more quickly. After completing a quest in multiplayer mode, a "thumbs up" can be given to other players. This increases the chance of finding yourself again in the search for fellow players.


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As with previous Monster Hunter titles, Monster Hunter Rise will receive free updates after launch. The first of these will be released at the end of April and will include new monsters and the fan favorite Chameleos. The capricious elder dragon plagues hunters with practical jokes before turning himself invisible. The launch trailer also confirmed that the apex monster Rathalos will be added to the game as part of the first update. More information about the other updates will be announced in the coming months.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available as a physical or digital standard edition for Nintendo Switch, with a special digital deluxe edition and a collector's edition also being offered. In addition to the digital standard edition of the game, the Deluxe Edition includes a voucher for a digital DLC pack that can be redeemed for additional in-game content such as a Kamurai armor set, exclusive gestures, cosmetic items and more.

The limited Collector's Edition (only physically available) includes, in addition to all the content of the Deluxe Edition, a monster icon sticker pack, an enamel Kamura pin and an amiibo of the new monster Magnamalo. So budding hunters are guaranteed to find the right edition to start their adventure with.

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