Since 1935, Monopoly has delighted 480 million people around the world. The classic is constantly being reinvented. Regardless of whether series, films or video games - the different editions and variants of the game offer something for almost every taste and ensure legendary game evenings. In 2019, too, all fans of the game - and those who are consistently opposed to Monopoly - will be presented with numerous new editions.

Four new versions of Monopoly

In the board game Monopoly Millennials, experience points are the focus, not banknotes.

You can't buy everything with money, but experiences, whether they're good or crazy, and they last forever. The Millennials Monopoly celebrates just that. Instead of making as much money as possible and bankrupting others, players need to gain the most experience points because that's the only way to win. Travel around the game board and discover the most beautiful places to eat, shop or relax. Exchange ideas with other players about event and community cards. The players do not pay rent - they visit each other and earn experience points. In contrast to the classic, this Monopoly variant creates an entertaining and relaxed atmosphere, whether at the next party or at a game night with friends.

This version hardly offers any new approaches in terms of play, but is based on a new setting. Monopoly Millennials* becomes at least an alternative for long-time fans - and of course for millennials.

Monopoly Game of Thrones could inspire one or the other collector. Photo: Hasbro
Monopoly Game of Thrones could inspire one or the other collector. Photo: Hasbro

On the other hand, the new Monopoly Edition is more exciting, but above all visually more impressive Game of Thrones*.

In this fascinating Monopoly edition, players travel through the legendary landscapes of Westeros as they buy, sell and trade fabulous places, religions and orders from the Seven Kingdoms. The Iron Throne as a card holder with loudspeaker and Game of Thrones soundtrack, towers and fortresses instead of houses and hotels, detailed game figures based on the six great houses, gold dragons and silver coins as currency - this Game of Thrones edition of the world-famous classic is sure to please all fans The heart of the successful TV series beat faster.

The award-winning series, which goes into its final season in April, is ideal as a template for a different kind of Monopoly.

Monopoly Fortnite is anything but a niche: There are over 200 million players worldwide. Image: Hasbro
Monopoly Fortnite is anything but a niche: There are over 200 million players worldwide. Image: Hasbro

At least as well known is the submission of Monopoly Fortnite*. With some rule changes, this version offers more than just optical adjustments based on a franchise.

Monopoly Fortnite is not just about land and rent like in the famous classic board game. Above all, it's about survival! Because whoever has no more experience points is eliminated - and whoever is the last to stand wins. 2 to 7 players buy land, fight their fellow players with the action cube and try to avoid the storm that makes the game board smaller and smaller as the game progresses. Even the start is spectacular: the players don't start on LOS, but jump out of the battle bus onto any playing field! In addition, each player can choose from 27 possible outfits, find loot chests and build walls.

Monopoly money rain* is something like the "fun version" of the classic.

Who gets the most tackles? Here comes a lot of fun with a very special MONOPOLY. The MONOPOLY bank is turned into a money blaster. One player throws money and event cards into the air with the blaster and everyone tries to grab as many notes and cards as they can. With various event cards the players make even more money. The game ends when there is no more money in the blaster. The player with the most money wins.

Instead of sitting quietly at the table and increasing the money, in this version it becomes more movement-intensive.

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