With "Monopoly Wrong Game", toy giant Hasbro Gaming presents the new version of the classic, which according to the publisher "simply cannot be trusted". There are counterfeit bills in circulation that need to be decoded. The classic board game with a twist is available now. 

Hasbro Gaming presents a fun new twist on its family game classic Monopoly. Counterfeit Monopoly dollars are in circulation here and must be detected by the player using a decoder. Monopoly wrong play creates a lot of variety, says Hasbro.

The player with the most money wins

In 2020, the Deutsche Bundesbank had registered around 58.800 false euro banknotes in German payment transactions. Since counterfeit money is not replaced, the Bundesbank advises that banknotes must always be checked carefully. And that's exactly what the new, exciting version of Monopoly, the famous game about the big deal, is all about. For the first time, fake Monopoly dollars and event cards are in play. Wrong in Monopoly
In the game, players can use the enclosed decoder to uncover fake money and fake event cards and thus earn additional money. The overriding goal is the same as in the classic: move around the game board and collect as much money as possible. The player with the most money at the end of the game - regardless of whether it is counterfeit or not - wins.

On all banknotes there is a hidden pattern with the face of Mr. Monopoly, which can only be seen with the enclosed decoder. On some bills, Mr. Monopoly wears a mask, which means that they are fake. Each player receives two green decoder chips per game round, which he or she can redeem to use the decoder. You can always do that when another player has to pay or deals with money at the bank or with fellow players. If a false banknote is discovered, it can be kept and added to it if the cash register falls at the end of the game. The person who is now rid of the bill has to pay out of pocket.

"This game provides a lot of variety when families and friends get together again for game nights in the autumn season and during the holidays," writes Hasbro Gaming in its announcement for the board game classic in a new guise. The title is already available.

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