Actor and voice actor Earl Boen is dead. Silberman from the film Terminator, but gamers are best known for his voice: he was behind the undead pirate LeChuck from the Monkey Island series for many years.

The cause of death was not officially given, but several reports are circulating on the Internet that the American actor and voice actor was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer last fall. Film fans and video gamers know Boen from a variety of projects – his performance as LeChuck from Monkey Island is legendary. 

Boen last lent the voice to the pirate in 2009

as dr Peter Silberman has starred as Earl Boen in the Terminator films, My Stepmother is an Alien, Naked Gun 33⅓ and numerous TV series including Alf, Fantasy Island, Wing Commander Academy and The Adventures of Superman by Lois & Clark. 

Video gamers are also familiar with Boen from several titles. He has already lent his voice to classics such as Shannara, Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force or Soldier of Fortune. However, Boen became particularly well-known for his dubbing of the undead pirate LeChuck, whom he first portrayed in 1997. He was last seen in this role in 2009 when Tell Tale Games launched Tales of Monkey Island. 

Also for the new adventure - the real successor - Return to Monkey Island he was slated for a role. However, series creator Ron Gilbert stated that Earl Boen had dropped out due to age reasons. So there was no comeback. 

Despite his appearances in numerous television formats and films from the mid-1970s, Earl Boen never became a big star. However, the actor is known in particular to fans of action films. His performances as the incompetent psychiatrist Dr. However, Peter Silberman in the Terminator series left footprints. Earl Boen died at the age of 81. 

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