The independent AA developer Rockfish Games receives a generous grant of 1,65 million euros from the German Bundestag.

In October, a total of almost ten million euros were paid out by the German computer games funding of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection to support small, medium-sized and large companies from the video game industry in Germany. For Rockfish Games, this marks the start of the development of additional content for the upcoming installment in the popular, fast-paced space combat series.

CEO: We're getting closer to release

"The government's continued interest in supporting German studios demonstrates a commitment to nurturing local talent and new IPs in a growing creative field," said Michael Schade, CEO of Rockfish Games. “We are approaching the final release of Everspace 2 in 2023 and this grant will be instrumental in helping us realize our future plans. For the year 2024 we are planning an expansion for Everspace 2 with a development budget of 3,9 million euros, for which we have received funding. We'll reveal more details about this massive expansion at a later date, but I can say for now that Everspace fans can look forward to new star systems for their adventures and companion stories in Everspace 2.”

To support the self-publishing and marketing of its space IP Everspace, which has sold over 2,5 million copies across all platforms to date, Rockfish has expanded its marketing team with an experienced associate: In January 2023 bumps Canadian Lee Guille joined Rockfish Games as Communications & PR Director. In addition to working with independent developers around the world, he brings a decade of communications, marketing and PR experience in the gaming and e-commerce industries.


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“I've been an Everspace fan for a while and admire the team's transparency and commitment to working with the community on development. Working with the team at Rockfish, I've seen their incredible commitment to creating polished, exciting adventures that combine three of my favorite things: space action, deep RPG mechanics, and story-driven sci-fi stories," said Lee Guille, Communication & PR Director at Rockfish Games. "I am very excited to be supporting this incredible franchise going forward!"

In addition to the expansion of the marketing department, the Rockfish Games team is also constantly being expanded. There are currently positions available in programming and art to further development of Everspace 2 and to support future projects.

Everspace 2 is currently available in Early Access on Steam, GOG and the Microsoft Store. The sixth and last major update Ancient Rifts was released just a few days ago, the full version for PC, Xbox and PlayStation will be released in early 2023. A fully optimized version for Steam Deck will also be available at this time.


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