Rhythm shooter Metal: Hellsinger gets mod support for PC today. So fans can fight hordes of demons to every imaginable genre of music. With the free tool from Funcom and a detailed video tutorial, both experienced modders and newcomers can divide their own music into different levels and download them via the Steam Workshop.

Metal: Hellsinger is the new and critically acclaimed rhythm FPS that sees players shredding through hordes of demons to the beat of heavy metal - and now every other genre with the help of talented modders.

Metal: Hellsinger opens up potential for creative people

Publisher Funcom and developer The Outsiders put the creative power in players' hands, allowing them to create their own music for the game on PC.

However, this trailer only shows a small part of what is possible. Modding has a lot of potential, because music in Metal: Hellsinger affects more than just the feel of the game, it is an important part of the gameplay and the overall experience. The modding tool allows players to segment their music into different layers and make them react to the player's performance.
If players so choose, Metal: Hellsinger now becomes K-Pop, Country, EDM, Disco, Classical, Rap, Reggae - and so on. Modder musicians are welcome to push the boundaries of demon shredding motivation.

The modding tool is now available for free. Funcom and The Outsiders have also created a video tutorial and picture guides to make the process easier for modders and newbies. Mods can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop. Even the free demo can now be modded.

With modding support, Funcom and The Outsiders are sure that players will get a lot of diverse content to take apart demons to the rhythm for a long time. Metal: Hellsinger is available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.


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