In today's world, almost all modern slot machines have video slots, so do the slots In order to find older mechanical slot machines, the gamer has to visit an exhibition or a museum, because the old devices can hardly be found anymore. Latest technologies made it possible to incorporate a variety of ideas into slots and improve the user experience while playing.

Charles Fey invented the slots in California in 1885 or 1897. These machines have been very popular ever since, and many copies and variants will hit the market over the next few years. The first electromechanical slot was developed in the 1960s and also became very popular.

This slot is easy to play in casinos and anyone can win. In 1996, the first of many video slots to offer bonuses for a second screen was introduced. Classic slots are those with three reels and one payline. Nowadays (online) slots have free spins & bonuses and they allow the player to reap winnings in many ways. In addition, games of skill have recently become increasingly popular.

Extremely popular online and offline

Real money slot machines have seen a very radical change since their inception. In fact, after almost a century in which they were very similar to the original prototype from the last 19th century, they would be almost unrecognizable to their inventors today. In many ways they are no longer slot machines at all, but rather digital multimedia amusement machines that only have a "gambling component".

Not everyone is happy about it and casinos complain about the overkill in some of these games, so that the basic feeling of gambling the slots has been lost due to a mixture of voices from celebrities, flashing lights and bonus games. On the other hand, the best slot games are very profitable when they are extremely expensive to license and build.

Some players, especially serious slots players who don't like all the new features, even have some level of backlash. But the Casino industry It is not always interested in what experienced players want, but the profit is the top priority and not the satisfaction of the gambler.

It is played both online and offline: at tables, slots or with cards. Photo: pixabay

It is played both online and offline: at tables, slots or with cards. Photo: pixabay

More technology and less nostalgia

The slot machine experience is a real feast for the eyes from a technological and design point of view alone, modern slots have multiple video screens, voices from celebrities, games based on TV shows, video Games, Filme und unzählige andere technische Neuerungen. Die beliebtesten dieser Spiele, wie zum Beispiel „Game of Thrones“ und „The Godfather“ – sind geradezu spektakulär anzusehen und zu spielen.

A feeling of entertainment arises, which should put the pure playing and winning in the background a little. This is generally the idea behind the slot machine manufacturers today, as they want to put the actual slot machine game behind the whole experience and diversion. In addition, many topics are already designed for specific demographic groups.

Bonuses and extra games

Another popular trend is the awarding of prizes in kind for certain gaming services. The idea is that the entertainment experience on these new machines is a price in itself. For this reason, there are games that offer bonus games as a payout in addition to cash payouts.

There are also a growing number of skill games online casinos are trying to enter the market with. Some of these games also offer bonus games or bonus rounds that require skill and are intended to provide additional excitement.

Slot machine manufacturers and casino owners are having a hard time attracting younger players, but this will be necessary for their future survival. This group is primarily interested in games that are based on skill and intellect. The problem is that none of these games offer a huge house edge for the casinos. As the young players should be attracted, so will have to show up in the future.