Digital adaptations of board games are rather frowned upon among hardcore fans of analog gaming. Nevertheless, new board game apps appear at regular intervals, some of which have been developed true to the template or are closely based on the original variant. Game developers still have to be careful that they make the necessary adjustments that make a board game app playable at all. Last but not least, this is due to the lack of haptic components in app board games: tokens, cards or figures are not tangible objects, but purely digital equivalents of their real role models. To compensate for this flaw, developers are increasingly working with audio-visual effects that are supposed to draw players into the action. In the following post you will find the best board game apps: from classics to niche games.

We are board game apps and many of them

With the large number of new releases in the field of game apps, even experienced users can lose track of things. Board game apps are increasingly being played on smartphones or tablets, sometimes with the help of so-called emulators on the PC. App games are on a triumphant advance - and the number of users is constantly increasing. Long have Smartphones as popular play equipment enforced in Germany. Because developers and publishers have also recognized the trend, more and more well-known analog games are finding their way into the digital world. Surprising: it doesn't always have to be new games that - implemented as an app - cause storms of enthusiasm and high download numbers. Much more often, players download real classics from the relevant app stores and find new pleasure in the old game ideas.

In contrast to physical games, apps can often cause additional costs, so you should be careful when installing free board game apps. This is especially true for children and their parents.
There are a few factors that are essential to making a good board game app. This includes, for example, a beginner-friendly explanation of the rules of the game. Good app board games use so-called tutorials, i.e. introductory game rounds, which explain the essential rules and actions step by step - and allow the user to replay them directly.

The small amount of space available on the comparatively small screens of smartphones and tablets means that app developers have to use a lot of tricks to accommodate all relevant content in the field of vision. Frequently used elements are accessible at any time, less frequent actions are moved to submenus. Good board game apps clearly focus on intuitive operation: important actions can be triggered with just a few finger gestures, symbols are self-explanatory and long text passages are clearly summarized or replaced by images. App games have to generate their fun factor immediately; There is no time to get used to it for hours, because apps want to be consumed quickly and directly by users. They show that this can work extremely well best apps of 2018.

Transparency is an essential factor for good board game apps. Possible costs must be clear at first glance: this shows the seriousness of the developers. Because in-game purchases, i.e. microtransactions, have long been a thorn in the eyes of consumer advocates, many developers are careful not to cover up possible follow-up costs. In the case of microtransactions, the trend is towards more aggressive in-game advertising anyway. Providers use temporary discount campaigns or a shortage of availability to bring digital content to the user. This is not necessarily reprehensible: users are obliged to use the downloaded mobile games carefully.

Popular classics even more popular as board game apps

A classic that has been providing entertainment in countless analog versions for decades is just as successful as a board game app: Risks. Using the tablet or smartphone as a command center to station units around the globe inspires players. App users compete against the AI ​​alone or with up to five other players. Country by country must be conquered with the available units through clever position management. Depending on the version, missions spice up the gameplay. The most well-known rules make Risk an almost perfect board game app that provides entertaining moments on the go.

The strategic placement game is also a real evergreen Carcassonne, which has already been implemented several times as a mobile board game variant, most recently even by Asmodee Digital in one Version for Nintendo Switch. At Carcassonne, players are randomly assigned landscape tiles, which are combined to form gigantic stretches of land in the course of a game. In this way, rivers, meadows or cities are created - which can then be claimed by the players with the help of their digital followers. The players' point accounts grow step by step: the winner is whoever has the most counters after the final accounting. The controls come very close to the physical board game, which has an enormously positive effect on the feel of the game. Carcassonne is simple, exciting and also ingenious as a board game app.

Mobile Gaming: The Best Board Game Apps
Board games are also consumed in digital form: more now than ever before. Good adaptations of well-known board games prove that board game apps can also be a lot of fun.

The board game has been around for almost 30 years Cafe International under its belt - and thanks to the app implementation, it is still a long way from being scrapped. The comparatively simple placement game focuses on the hunt for points. Players have to seat guests from different countries around the world at the tables of a café and thus pay attention to a balanced composition: Foreign languages ​​and genders are two of the factors that have to be included in the clever placement. Although the placement game has strategic moves, one factor of luck is always noticeable: after all, cards are drawn at random. Nonetheless, Café International has lost none of its charm in the past few decades and is rightly one of the best board game apps.
Almost everyone knows Mister X these days. The villain who came from Scotland Yard Being hunted over and over is a legend in the board game world. Clever detectives have to catch the erratic crook within 24 moves. Logic and a bit of luck are the weapons of the hunter, but foresighted positioning is essential for Mister X in order to be able to escape. The Scotland Yard board game works as well on the tablet or smartphone as the original version on the table at home. Thanks to its attractive appearance, the board game app for Mister X cuts a fine figure on the screen.

The best often ends at the end: this principle also applies to the best board game apps. The classic, which works almost better in the digital version than the original, is one of the world's most popular board games: Monopoly.
The title is available in countless analog versions, from the city version to Super Mario. Monopoly has become a popular collector's item over the decades. In contrast, little has changed in terms of play. The basic idea works today as it did 50 years ago - and as a board game app, collecting rents is a lot of fun. Responsible for the high entertainment value of Monopoly as an app board game is the grandiose look, in which game situations are effectively staged. When graphic fireworks announce new income, winning is twice as fun. Because Monopoly can also be played with several human participants on the smartphone or tablet without any problems, there are hardly any more attractive titles for an exciting round of board games on the go.

One thing is certain: the trend towards more board game apps will continue over the next few months. While most gamers prefer simple classics on mobile devices, frequent gamers also receive digital replenishment in the form of complex strategy titles. In any case, the fact that gamers are so enthusiastic about smartphone games is not a big surprise.