Fans of turn-based strategy games will soon be able to play one of the most popular fantasy series of the genre on their smartphone or tablet: Spellforce. The mobile version of the classic is being developed by the German studio HandyGames under the name Speillforce - Heroes & Magic. The mobile game will be available for the iOS and Android platforms at a price of 7,99 euros.

Tactical round strategy

The mobile game is based on the successful Spellforce series, which was first published by the Austrian developer Studio JoWood. The creators of the series, like HandyGames, also came from Germany. Phenomic is now history: EA bought the studio and closed it in 2013. The Spellforce brand is now owned by THQ Nordic.

The look of Spellforce - Heroes & Magic comes very close to that of the original. Image: HandyGames
The look of Spellforce - Heroes & Magic comes very close to that of the original. Image: HandyGames

The aim of the new turn-based mobile game is to build an empire - either as part of an adventure mode that includes a total of 13 missions or in free play against AI opponents on randomly generated maps.

Players command different races, at the start of the mobile game these are humans, orcs or dark elves. As in the template, he is the player hero who leads the armies into battles as the leader. Of course, finding and collecting resources and equipment also plays a central role in Spellforce - Heroes & Magic.

“Expanding the Spellforce universe on more platforms is exciting. We look forward to Spellforce - Magic & Heroes conquering mobile phones and tablets around the world. The HexGames and HandyGames teams have done a great job developing this strategy game full of interesting decisions.”

Reinhard Pollice, Business & Product Development Director, THQ Nordic

The turn-based strategy game Spellforce – Heroes & Magic will be available for the iOS and Android platforms at a price of EUR 7,99. With the purchase, players then acquire the title in full. According to the official announcement, there will be no microtransactions, loot boxes or other free-2-play mechanisms. The game thus joins the so-called "premium titles" of the developer studio HandyGames.

Spiellforce - Magic & Heroes relies on turn-based tactics for mobile devices. Image: HandyGames
Spiellforce - Heroes & Magic uses turn-based tactics for mobile devices. Image: HandyGames

Players return to the locations in the world EO to experience turn-around strategy with in-depth role-playing mechanisms. As usual, the game is divided into two areas: the strategic map, on which players collect resources, expand their empire, meet opponents and conquer tactically important buildings such as mines or farms.


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If two warring armies meet on the map, the game changes to a turn-based tactical mode in which the player gains control of his hero and his units in order to lead them to victory on the battlefield. Commanders use a total of 45 different units, including foot soldiers, ranged combat units and magicians or shamans, but also catapults. In typical hex field fashion, it is then important to use your own units and skills in a tactically clever way.

Heroes can be improved over the course of the game. For example, new special skills are unlocked via a talent tree.

An exact release date has not yet been set. More information about Spellforce - Heroes & Magic and other titles is available at available.

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