RuneScape, the MMO classic from Jagex, is being brought into the analogue game world by Steamforged Games - in two senses: both a tabletop role-playing game and a board game are to be released for the title. 

Fans of computer role-playing games or even MMORPGs might have heard of Jagex Games' RuneScape: The title has been around since 2001 and now exists in a classic version and a variant with improved graphics. The game even has an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records: In 2008, RuneScape was the most popular free-to-play MMO. The game was then able to get hold of this title again several times, most recently in 2. The MMORPG can now also be played on smartphones. Jagex states that over 2010 million player accounts have been created.

Steamforged Games: Another license

As the publisher Steamforged Games has announced, they want to publish a board game and a tabletop role-playing game for RuneScape. While the role-playing game is set to go straight to retail later this year, SFG plans to crowdfund the board game on Kickstarter. The campaign should also start in 2022.

The MMO recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and continues to enjoy great popularity thanks to mobile porting. The fact that Steamforged Games now wants to release a board game based on the license comes suddenly, but not surprisingly. SFG has experience in dealing with licenses: the game manufacturer had previously implemented titles for Resident Evil, Dark Souls or Monster Hunter World, among others. With RuneScape, another popular title is waiting for its – this time double – jump into the analogue game world.

In the announcement about the projects, Steamforged Games states that they want to orient themselves towards the world of RuneScape, Gielinor, when it comes to the games. The different regions from the template will therefore have their counterparts from the table games. The tasks to be fulfilled should be a kind of cross-section of the 20-year career of the MMO classic. In contrast to competitors such as World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy, RuneScape has so far been a pure video game. The brand will therefore be adapted as an analogue title for the first time.

The board game should be playable for up to five players – according to the current plan, it will be possible to play in a solo mode. As already known from previous SFG games, the RuneScape board game should be equipped with miniatures. In terms of play, SFG seems to want to stick relatively closely to the template: crafting to improve equipment should be just as possible as learning recipes.

RuneScape will be Steamforged Games' twelfth video game to be implemented as a board game. They work together with the developers at Jagex.

Both projects are scheduled to start this year: the tabletop will appear directly through retailers, and a crowdfunding campaign will be launched for the board game.


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