With Star Wars: Legion, Fantasy Flight Games had brought a miniature board game onto the market that was to receive long-term support. The makers regularly publish new miniature packs - and now also a fundamental revision of the reference set of rules. With version 2.0, numerous adjustments are made to the game, including changes to the points of less-used units.  

Fantasy Flight Games focuses primarily on the unit points when adjusting the rules. There you follow the strategy of upgrading less used troops and vehicles instead of simply devaluing the real cracker of the game. Now it has been decided to work with point reductions in order to increase the attractiveness of some units. Background: When putting together an army, a total of 800 points are available that can be spent on recruiting units. The stronger a unit, the more expensive it is - the same goes for upgrades.

Rules 2.0 for Star Wars: Legion available online

Where reduced points are not sufficient, Fantasy Flight Games has made minor corrections to the units or cards. Although such changes are generally handled carefully and errata is rarely used as a measure, this is sometimes necessary for balancing reasons, the publisher explains the step.

The new reference guide also includes changes to some key words, such as units with “Open Transport” or “Speeder”. The clone troops have received a far more drastic adjustment: They are now limited to being able to share target, evasion and surge tokens.

There are several adjustments. Image: FFG

There are several adjustments. Image: FFG

According to Fantasy Flight Games, this is exactly the step that has been considered for a long time, because it has a noticeable impact on the parliamentary group. Alternatives have been tested but have not been successful. Ultimately, the mechanics were felt to be too powerful and decided to change - not least to avoid frustration for players. "The easiest and best solution was to simply remove the option to share standby tokens from the core rules of clone troops," says FFG. The basic mechanics are still in the miniatures board game, but are now limited to leaders.

The adjustments are of course essential in competition operations, because the changes now force players to check the composition of their army. You can view and download it Rulebook 2.0 for Star Wars: Legion on the Fantasy Flight Games website.


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